How to win at blackjack (21) with gambling expert Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

  • October 17, 2018

Hi and welcome to our series of educational videos that are designed to make you a smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and I’m the author of the American casino guide, which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with more than one thousand dollars in casino coupons. If you want to know more about me or my book be sure to visit my website at in this video I’ll, be speaking with gambling expert Michael Shackleford, who is also known as the Wizard of Odds – and I ask him all about blackjack, We videotaped his Interview with Mike in Las Vegas in September 2010, and I’m sure that it will help to answer many of the questions that you have about blackjack and how you can be a long-term winner at the game.

What is the object of the game of blackjack? The object of blackjack is to get more points than the dealer without going over 21. How is the casinos mathematical advantage determined in blackjack?

The casino gets its advantage in blackjack because the player has to act first, if both the player and the dealer bust, the player loses now. How is the house advantage calculated in blackjack, you might ask, it’s very calculated, can be done a number of different ways, but basically you need computers to either simulate a game or run through every single combination of the ways the cards could play out. Assuming the player plays correct strategy and under most common sets of blackjack rules with basic strategy, the house advantage is gon na range anywhere from about 0.25 percent.

All the way past two percent for horrible games, like those that pay six to five on a blackjack, Is a single deck game, always better for the player. The number of decks is very important in blackjack the fewer the number of decks, the better the odds for the player, however, be careful. The casinos know that the players know that so they’re trying to trick the players with single deck games that pay only six to five on a blackjack.

It’S much better to play an 8 deck game that pays 3-2 on a blackjack than a single deck game. That pays only 6-5, in other words, what that they pay on a blackjack is much more important than how many decks they use.

What are some rule variations and how do they affect the casinos advantage? The rules have a lot to do with the house advantage in blackjack, and the rules vary significantly from casino to casino and table from table within the casino. The most important thing the players to look for with good rules is that they pay 3-2 on a blackjack.

If they don’t walk away, makes no difference what the other rules are. Once you find a 3-2 game, then it’s good, the fewer the decks the better. If you can play a double deck game, that’s better than a six deck game and other good rules to look for are: does the dealer hit or stand on a soft 17?

It’S to your advantage.

If the dealer stands on a soft 17, it’s good! If they let you double after a split, it’s good, if they let you surrender it’s good, if they let you resplit aces, Can you explain what a continuous shuffler is and how it affects the game?

A continuous shuffling machine is a time-saving, shuffling device that was invented. So that the dealers don’t have to shuffle the cards every single time they reach the cut card.

The way a continuous shuffler works is, after the dealer has dealt around, they will scoop up all the cards put them in a little pile and feed them into the shuffling machine.

There are usually five decks of cards in the shuffling machine, and the Machine will randomly place those discards back into the shoe. Another question I get asked a lot is: are the odds a worse in a continuous shuffle game? Actually, the odds are a little bit better.

Just a little bit better in a continuously shuffled game, it’s mathematically complicated to explain why. However, the player should also keep in mind that, because the dealer isn’t taking breaks to shuffle the cards, there’s going to be more hands per hour likely in a continuously shuffle game, and that’s going to be more money that you can expect to lose per hour. What is basic strategy Blackjack basic strategy is a strategy that tells you the mathematically, correct way to play any player hand and any dealer up card.

It looks like this to use it. You would look up your hand going down this way across the dealers up card. This way, for example, say I have an ace in a seven or soft 18, a dealer showing a 10 most players with incorrectly stand. On that hand saying well, an 18 is good enough, but you look at the chart and It’ll say say H for hit.

So the odds favor hitting in that situation, Any good blackjack player should memorize this basic strategy.

Once you memorize this, you can cut the house advantage down under good rules to about 0.25 percent, considering the comps you’re gon na get from the casino it’s like free entertainment. Can a player be a long-term winner using a progressive betting system? Well, first, let me explain what a progressive betting system is. The most common one is called a martingale and the way that works is every time you lose a bet.

You double your bet.

The next time, so let’s say you start with a dollar bet you lose, then you bet two. You lose then bet four.

You lose that you bet 8. You lose that you bet 16 and then let’s say you win that you would win 16, but you will have lost 8, 4, 2 and 1, which add up to fifteen. So no matter with the martingale. As long as you eventually hit a win, you’re always going to net one dollar for every single win sounds good.

No, because, no matter how much money you have its eventually gon na happen that you hit that string of losses, and you don’t have enough money to double again now.

A lot of players falsely believe that these that these betting systems, like this win because most of the time they do but the day that you can’t double your bet, that last time is gon na, be the day that you have given back everything that you ever Won up until that point, computer simulations have shown that no betting system can survive the long-term. They can’t. Not only can betting systems not overcome the house advantage, they can’t even dent it and please no matter what you do never pay for a book or a website that is selling betting systems. These are all charlatans and scam artists.

They do not work over the long run. How can a player be a long-term winner at blackjack? Probably the most common way is through card counting, which absolutely does work.

Ther are a lotta movies about it and books about it.

The basic principle is: is that when the remaining cards in the shoe are rich in tens and aces the odds favor, that player when the remaining cards are rich in small cards, the odds favor the dealer. So the players going to bet more when the deck is rich in good cards and he’s going to make adjustments to his strategy to um, to hit less and double more in the situations when the deck is rich in the good cards, Can a player be a Long term, winner, using basic strategy, the basic strategy is great. You can cut down the house advantage to 0.26 percent under liberal strip rules. However, you can’t overcome the house advantage with basic strategy alone.

The casino is always going to have a slight advantage, so the player should not count on winning long-term with the basic strategy. However, if the player factors in comps and tournament, invitations and other niceties that the casino gives you much like in video poker, you can come out ahead with the basic strategy.

Does it matter where you sit at the table? One question I get a lot is: does it make any difference where you sit at the blackjack table, whether it be first base or the first player to act or third base the last player somewhere in the middle? The odds make absolutely no difference.

Another common myth is that the third baseman controls the game for all the players and if he makes a bad play its gon na up cause everyone to lose. That’S absolutely a myth. The odds are the same, no matter how the third baseman plays his cards Since blackjack is a game of skill.

If you are at a table with a lot of bad players, does it affect your odds of winning? Blackjack is absolutely a game, a skill.

However, what matters is your skill. What the other players are doing makes no difference at all. It’S a common myth that bad players at the table cause everybody to lose. Absolutely not true.

You could be playing with the world’s worst blackjack players and its not gon na make any difference to you over the long run. Does it matter if you play at a full table or an empty table.

Mathematically speaking, the odds, don’t matter whether you’re playing at a full table or the or an empty table, however, at a full table, you’re going to be getting a lot fewer hands per hour.

So if you’re trying to minimize your expected losses per hour, then it’s better to play Casinoslots. If you want a lot of hands per hour, obviously you should be playing by yourself now when the casinos calculate comps, they go by average bet and time played. So if you’re trying to get the most comp mileage out of your play, play at a full table because you’re gon na be betting less money, but still getting the same benefit as a player playing by himself. Should a player ever taken insurance Unless you’re counting cards?

Absolutely never take insurance.

The house advantage on the insurance is 7.7 percent, it’s a lousy bet and before you ask, don’t take insurance or even money. Even if the dealer has an ace up, it’s still a lousy bet try to get the full 3-2 pay out. Now.

There is an exception for card counters. If somehow you know the remaining cards are rich in lotsa tens, then insurance can become a good bet, but if you have no idea, if you’re, not tracking, for that always decline insurance, What is your best advice for blackjack players? My best advice for blackjack players is to seek out games with good rules 3-2 in a blackjack, preferably double-deck, preferably the dealer stands on a soft 17.

You can look up the house advantage for any set of blackjack rules on my website and there’s lots of other books and sources that give you that information as well. Then you should play good strategy. The basic strategy is a great place to start. This will cut down the house advantage to a very thin amount if this is too complicated.

I have something on my website: called the wizard simple blackjack strategy, which is just about 16 rules of thumb that will get you very close to the house advantage that you could get with the basic strategy.

Would you suggest going to comedian Jimmy JJ Walker for blackjack advice? No problem, they don’t know, but thank goodness I came in the professional. Is here leading the way Your best piece of advice, rather blackjack players Never hit on 12.

That’S a cardinal sin never hit on 12 ever, never Absolutely not. How can people people learn more about you and your work If you want to improve your odds in any casino game, I welcome you to visit my website. Wizardofodds.Com it’ll show you the correct strategy to at least a hundred different casino games, or you can buy my book gambling 102, which will show you how to play the most common casino games.

Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to

Winning Slot Strategies

  • March 23, 2018

Betting strategies are the act of betting in a certain way to increase your chances of success. There have been many techniques invented for casino games, such as the martingale system in roulette. But for now, we’re looking at slots, particularly the online variety. Seemingly much more random than other casino games. Is it possible to bet smart when it comes to online slots..

Firstly, let’s get all the myths out of the way. Betting higher is always better This doesn’t make any sense because you would either lose or gain money at the same rate. It’s good if you win money quickly, therefore counteracting your original bigger risk, but in the end it does nothing to improve your winnings. Bet amount should be decided by your bankroll and so smaller bets might let you play for longer!

Selecting certain paylines All paylines have an equal chance of hitting. Betting strategies will often tell you to only bet on horizontal lines because they’re more likely to have something across them, but it’s rubbish. symbols will appear randomly across reels, so there’s nothing to make them line up horizontally. It’s a complete misunderstanding of how slots work. Don’t listen to it. Hot and cold slots As soon as you hit the spin button, the outcome of the slot is decided. That spinning animation you see is simply a random number generator picking which symbols to show. There’s no pattern or routine to when symbols come up, it’s random every single time. Because of this, every spin has the same odds of winning or losing. You can’t wait around for a slot to pay out better. Hot and cold might be true of fruit machines in pubs, but online, it works very differently.

So the options for betting smart are limited. But there are a few things you can do. Find a slot with a high RTP, that’s the return to player rate. It’s your only insight into how much a slot will pay out. The higher the RTP the more you’ll get back. The RTP will always be below 100% meaning if you play long enough you will always lose overall. A slot with a 98% RTP is high, but on average over a long enough period you will lose 2 of every £100 you wager. Knowing that is a good way to choose when you should stop spinning. Once you get ahead, get out. If you get a great spin early, then you might want to stop playing if you want that money to stay around. Another thing you can do is play simpler slots, with less variables, like fewer bonus rounds. This not only makes it easier to understand what’s going on, but it also means that your spins will be less diluted. A slot packed with symbols that have loads of differen effects, makes hitting one of those effects less likely, with so many other features cramming for slot space. Some would argue more bonus rounds are better for making more money, but since their appearance is tied to the RTP, more bonus rounds isn’t necessarily a gain. Bonus rounds are usually where you win big jackpots, so their presence can’t hurt, but remember their payouts are still based on that RTP. Sometimes, you won’t make back the money you lost while getting to them.

So remember, you have to learn the rules and your chances of winning. You shouldn’t hang in there waiting for you luck to turn. Choose your slot wisely, bet comfortably and get out while you’re ahead. Sometimes though it’s worth throwing it all out of the window; set your bankroll and get spinning on whichever games you enjoy. See where your luck can take you!

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The Advantages Of Playing Online Casino

  • November 26, 2017

In the old days, if you are looking for excitement of the casino, you need to plan your vacation and set it aside to travel to any place where the casinos, like Las Vegas or Jersey, just enjoy the fun and excitement of the game of chance. Internet removes all problems and makes it easy to get your favorite games anywhere. You no longer need to go to a casino, a computer and Internet access, anyone over 21 can play in your home.

In fact, there are some significant advantages of casino gambling online, has evolved to become the preferred choice for many casino players.

Advantages of playing the best online casino are:

  1. First Play anywhere, anytime. A key feature of the online casinos, which makes a lot of people who love to play in turn casino gambling online is to allow players to play where they want, provided it can be connected to the Internet, and any time, regardless of day or night, for as long as you have the time and thought betting on their favorite game, write online casino and play.
  2. Distance of place, no matter. You no longer need to go to the casino, and there is no need to remove your work only to enjoy the fun of casino gambling, online casinos eliminate the distance factor, which gives people which go far to enjoy your games favorites from home. When the online version of the casino, located inside the casino Indian is no longer important, because a casino on the internet can be reached in a few mouse clicks.
  3. The third bonus and free chips promotion. Online casino bonuses are the most interesting parts of you will never find these bonuses at any land based casino. Online casinos offer welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, no bonuses and cash-back bonuses to attract new players and retain existing players in the casinos. When the bonus, players will be able to boost your bankroll with free money, so you have more money to invest.
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Internet Addiction (Gaming and Social Networking)

  • October 29, 2019

I work with the East Tennessee State University Department of Psychology; I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and associate professor. I want to talk to you today about online addictions. Use of internet, video games, and social media has risen dramatically in the past decade or so. It is noted in a 2013 literature review by researcher Derek Cust that over one billion people worldwide played online casino free credit singapore casinos, online computer games, video games and these numbers are increasing.

With increased use, we also see an increasing number of people who have problems with too much use. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition, better known as DSM-5 (DSM-V), called for more research to determine whether a diagnosis of internet gaming disorder should be added. Use of social media and games can be quite benign and even beneficial. For example, I literally met my wife on Facebook, and that was great.

However, for some, gaming or social networking can spiral out of control and cause problems. It’s only when use takes on a compulsive quality that one might need to be concerned. But what seems compulsive to one might see like avid enthusiasm to another. Role playing games seem to be the most popular genre in the online environment where thousands of people can play simultaneously on the same platform.

It gives you an incredible amount of opportunity to interact with others, and that can be very reinforcing. And reinforcers are outcomes that increase the chances of a behavior recurring. Many are built into the games explicitly to make them fun to play, and many are delivered on what’s called a variable-ratio schedule of reinforcement, and that can make them somewhat addictive. This gives liberal rewards early on and then followed by an increase in effort to obtain fewer rewards of higher quality as the skill level of the player grows. And skill growth itself can be reinforcing as gaining mastery, gain social status and it unlocks new opportunities, levels, abilities, and other rewarding consequences. Social networking can be reinforcing because we like to connect with other people and share what goes on in our world and see what goes on in theirs.

As with substance abuse, online gaming and social media consumption offer an escape from problems and stressors, and so that’s another reinforcer. As with most things in moderation, there’s usually no problem. However, these reinforcing aspects can lead one to feel a compulsive need to engage in behaviors like this, and for some that can spin out of control. So the processes and consequences of online addiction are similar to substance abuse in terms of causing problems with relationships.

They tend to be less severe in terms of physical consequences; however, overuse of gaming, social networking can negatively impact sleep, and that could lead to problems with health, problems with safety, work-life. That 2013 Cust review of internet gaming addiction literature tells us that psychological consequences include, among other things: the sacrifice of real life relationships, loss of sleep and problems with sleep, neglect of work, education and socializing, obsessions with gaming, aggression and hostility, stress, dysfunctional coping, deteriorating academic achievement, problems with verbal memory, and low levels of reported well-being with high levels of reported loneliness. The 2013 statement from the DSM author said quote, “Gaming prompts a neurological response that influences feelings of pleasure and reward. And the result, in the extreme, is manifested as addictive behavior,” unquote. As Cust pointed out, brain imaging techniques have shown that areas of the brain are similar to those that are affected by both addictions to substances and addictions to gaming. We have similar issues with negative patterns of behavior, and these seem beyond the control of the person affected.

Another similarity to substance abuse is people don’t seem to realize they have a problem. Denial of a problem is thus a quality shared by people with various addictions. Whether substance abuse or pathologic gambling or compulsive sexual activity, pornography, consumption, klemptomania, et cetera. The same is true of gaming and social networking use. A common feature of addiction is a person experiencing the inability to control the impulse to do things or refrain from doing them which are inappropriate or damaging to themselves or others, Some games are tailored to males and a lot of the existing gaming addiction research is focused on males, but at this point, there are hundreds of scientific studies on the topic in the literature, and there are surely more to be published soon.

Yet many of the online games are equally appealing to males and females, and certainly social media appeals to people across sex, age, race, ethnicity socioeconomic status, et cetera. And social networking addiction. is also an emerging problem. It’s only begun to get scientific scrutiny. A quick search of the term “social media addiction,” “social networking addiction,” reveals only a handful of studies on the topics. Day after day, we’ll see more these as social media and other forms internet use become ever more prevalent.

A similar search for Internet addiction yields over a thousand scientific works. And looking to science helps us to understand that which is difficult to grasp on a personal level. You may or may not have wondered whether you’ve engaged in excessive versus normative use of gaming or social networking, and anecdotally, I had a student come up to me the other day and say she was going to start weaning herself off social media altogether. She had analyzed her own behavior and had to admit to herself she spent days, hours of the day scrolling through posts and feeds which she thought was getting in the way of getting important things done in her life. And I work with people clinically who have had serious problems with stopping gaming, literally spending most of their days and nights playing and that caused great difficulties for their significant others.

In one case, unemployment was an issue. The person I’m thinking of spent most of his time playing games where a significant other felt helpless because he wouldn’t look for work, and she had to take on all the family’s financial burdens. In psychology, we don’t say things like, “Well, she should just dump him.” That’s the kind of thing you hear from people who lack sophisticated knowledge of addictions, complicated relationship issues, and consequently, they give a lot of advice without a lot of wisdom.

We recognize that people don’t have the desire or sometimes the ability to dump someone they love just because they developed a problem. Signs of addiction may be obvious to others but again not necessarily the person in question. A major hallmark of a problem is that the amount of time one engages is is not normative compared others a similar to them. Someone who’s got a professional marketing job may have to use social media all time as part of their job and that would be normal, if not only normal but necessary. Video game developers would have to spend a lot of time gaming. Yet for the average user, what’s normal varies relative to peers and family members.

And so how do you determine if you have a problem? Well, we might modify some classic substance abuse screener questions and applying these issues, and I’ve got some for you now. These haven’t been scientifically validated, and that’s an important thing to have done, but addition average starting point if you’re a person who is just wondering. If you answer “yes” to any of the following, you might have a problem which might be addressed either on your own or with the help of professional. Have you ever felt that you should cut down on your gaming or social media use? Have you ever tried to cut down on your gaming or social media but failed to do so?

Have you ever r neglected friends or family because your gaming social media use? Do ever neglect important tasks at work or school because of your gaming social media use? Have your felt guilty or felt bad about the amount of time you spent doing these activities? In my opinion, any time something becomes a major problem in a valued relationship, therapy would likely be indicated assuming the person in question wants help. However, as we well know, many people who need help don’t seem to want it.

In those cases, the one negatively affected by the others addiction might benefit from therapy themselves to help support them as they figure out what to do in a difficult situation. Treating any addiction is hard to do. Professional help is often warranted. A few treatment centers dedicated to internet gaming additions have actually been established in Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. However, any competent therapist who is a licensed practitioner, such as licensed clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed professional counselor, should be able to help with these kinds of problems. And great source to find a therapist is

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How to Earn Money and Study

  • October 21, 2019

A really huge portion of the study tips you’ll get from people who want you to be better in school and maybe that you’ll find here are really basic. They’ll tell you to sit in front in class, scan your textbooks instead of reading every single chapter. Bring your cat to class to reduce stress and so you get to meet the nice folks at animal control.

These tips, while they’re good, they’re really really useful, they are basic. Maybe you’re like me. You’re a classical detail-driven nerd.

When I play at casinos I got a lot of money, so I have a cash to take  programming courses. My favorite site is Casinoslots, they make analytics and reviews of new online casinos in south africa so I recommend them. When I play fighting games I want to learn about frame data and every single move sets and all the match-ups instead of just playing the game and “having fun.”

So, applying to study I’m the same way and I want to find really advanced tips, ways to hack my learning, things that usually don’t come up when you get your basic study tips. To that end, maybe you’re like me and want to get some advanced study tips, and I am happy to oblige. In this video, I am going to give you 8 of those Advanced Study Tips, so let’s get started. The first tip is to use the Corson Technique when asking professors for help. Now, Dale Corson was the eighth president of Cornell University.

Yes, the same Cornell University that spawned the famous Cornell Note-Taking System. He was also a chemistry professor. He said that students in chemistry and other science and math programs often have to really work to crack problems one sentence at a time as they go through their textbooks or problem sets, but sometimes eventually you get to a point where you just can’t crack the problem on your own and you need to ask for help. So, you go to your professor, and what Dale Corson wants you to think about before you actually talk to your professor is pause and ask yourself, “What is it that I don’t understand?

Truly, what is it that I don’t understand?” What he wants you to get away from is this thing that a lot of students do is where they go to their professors and with a “general wave of the hand,” as he says, they say, “I don’t understand what I’m looking at.” This is just confusing to me, I don’t get it.” What he wants you to do is avoid that, rather, pick apart the problem one sentence at a time and figure out the exact point at which you don’t get what’s going on. Right here, I understand this, this process makes sense to me, but here’s where I’m getting a little shaky and I just don’t get this. After that, I’m cool.

When you can pinpoint that, you’re going to impress your professor with your preparation and the amount of effort you put into the problem, so you get some brownie points there, but you’re also working to practice the art of recognizing confusion and following it down to its actual source. This will help you immensely in all of your learning going forward. Tip #2 is to learn facts quickly with a technique called space repetition. Now, space repetition is the art of studying things at increasingly bigger and bigger intervals of time and it’s a very efficient way to study, but it also takes advantage of the way your brain works. Basically, space repetition is a system where you’ll study something, and if you know that individual fact very well, you will not see it for quite a while, but the facts that you don’t know well, you’re going to see them more and more frequently.

The way that it works on our brain level is that you are trying to recall information. You’re forcing your brain to pull it out at the closest time possible to when you are about to forget it, so your brain actually has to work as hard as it possibly can to recall this information and it encodes it better, so its more efficient and you can actually learn a lot faster. The best way to take advantage of this is to use an SRS or space repetition software to do your studying for you instead of using index cards or something. Now, when I was studying Japanese, and I will be doing this again soon, I used one called WaniKani that was very, very efficient and helped me learn hundreds of Kanji and Japanese vocab words. There is actually a free and generalized one called Anki and you can find it on where you can actually create your own card sets for any type of data that you think you would want to study with SRS or you can actually find shared card decks from people who have already made things.

So, definitely check that out. I think the preparation aspect of making your own card decks is very useful, but simply going through and studying them using space repetition is usually going to be more efficient than using just typical linear flashcard study methods on paper. Tip #3. We’re getting a little more advanced here, so this one is to try out the Method of Loci for memorization. The Method of Loci goes back to the Greek and Roman times and it is a memorization technique that has been used by memory champs for a long time.

It essentially takes advantage of your brain’s ability to remember spatial information very well. It’s all about visualization. The classic way to do it is to associate certain sets of the set of data you’re trying to memorize, certain groups of that with different rooms of a house. Let me give you an example.

This is the Kanji for king in Japanese, and the pronunciation, the way that you say king in Japanese is “Oh,” and “Oh” is really simple pronunciation. It doesn’t really lend itself too well to mnemonics, which is a shame because mnemonics is a great way to learn Kanji. Now, what if I want to adapt the Method of Loci to learning this Kanji along with lots of others.

What does a king sit on, a throne, or as we could say, the toilet, and I am not averse to using 5-year-old humor here. What do you say when you smell the toilet, “Oh.” Yeah, work with me here.

Also, the Kanji for king looks like a towel rack so I can associate king with the bathroom in a house, and if I really want to make this study technique useful for me, I would go into the bathroom and I would put up flashcards on the walls and then I’d walk through my house and study this. Now, the Method of Loci is difficult to use. It’s an advanced technique and usually you’re going to be better off with SRS or mnemonics if you have a smaller set of data, but if you’ve got a lot of work with and nothing else has worked for you, it’s something that you can try. Tip #4 is to hack akrasia. Akrasia is a term that has been written about for centuries and it goes back to Plato, and it’s essentially a lack of command over oneself.

There’s another even more complex term called picoeconomics, which talks about this hyperbolic discounting that we do. Essentially, we discount the value of a task the more it is delayed, the more the reward is pushed off into the future, which in short means that we tend to procrastinate and do fun things that don’t really align with our values in the short term, and we avoid doing things that really do line up with our values because the reward is delayed. The way you can hack akrasia or avoid becoming a victim to it is two-fold. One, use a commitment device, bind yourself to getting your task done on time, and the way I do this is by using an app called Beeminder, which I’ve talked about before. I absolutely love Beeminder and I’ve been using it to ensure I publish three things a week for quite a while now. If you look at my graph here, which I’ll throw up, you can see that I have been actually publishing much, much, much more frequently than I was before, and it’s largely because I use a commitment device to buy myself to do this.

Now, another way that you can hack akrasia, the second part of the fold, is to add a shorter term reward to completing a task. The classic way, you’ve probably seen this image before, is to put gummy bears on your textbook, and as you read paragraphs you allow yourself to eat them, but you can do all sorts of other things. Let yourself watch an episode of Game of Thrones once you finish an assignment or maybe use a tool like HabitRPG and give yourself some experience and goals when you finish the study, problem set or something. Just find a way to make sure that the only reward isn’t that far-off delayed one that causes akrasia. All right. Tip #5 is to improve the Pomodoro Technique.

You may have heard of the Pomodoro Technique,. Everyone talks about it, but in case you haven’t, it’s simply a technique where you set a timer for about 25 minutes classically, and then you work only on one task during that 25-minute session. I think a lot of people do this and it’s very useful, but there are some areas for improvement that I don’t a lot of people take advantage of.

So, let me just rapid fire give them to you. Number one, and I’ve talked about how much I’m a fan of the Beeminder app, and the Beeminder blog is also a good resource for productivity techniques and experiments. One of things that they talk about is this thing they do called Tocks.

A Tock is essentially a Pomodoro session except they use about 45 minutes and then take 15-minute breaks instead of the classic 25-minute, 5-minute break structure. The tip here is to experiment with the time intervals. Don’t just set yourself to 25 minutes and assume that’s the only potential interval that you could study at. Find what works for you.

The other one is to put a piece of paper next to you during your Pomodoro session, and whenever anything that comes up that distracts you, maybe a phone call or the urge to check Facebook or something, write it down. This lets you do two things. One, you can remember what the distraction was and if it happened to be something urgent you can take care of it during your break time, but two, as you continue to lots of Pomodoro sessions over months and months, you start to see what are the common problem points. What comes up a lot that distracts you, and then you can take steps to prevent these things. Maybe it’s your phone, you forget to put in do not disturb mode; well, you can do that now.

If its a certain website that you really want to visit because it’s just so distracting and draws you in, then you can use an extension like Stay Focused on Chrome to block it during your study session. Very useful stuff. Tip #6 is when learning new concepts, use both focused and diffused thinking. This is a concept that I learned about in a book called, Thinking in Numbers. Look at this guy, Magnus Carlsen.

He is currently the #1 chess player in the world, but back in 2004 when he was just 13 years old, he played Garry Kasparov, who was considered the best chess player in the world a couple of decades ago and who was often considered to be the best chess player of all time. He played Garry to a draw, and look at what he does from these screen shots here. During the match he actually gets up and walks around, looks at other tables, and what he’s doing, what the author of this book has pointed out, is he’s using diffused thinking. So focused thinking really takes advantage of your prefrontal cortex to focus on one specific set of data, one specific problem, and it really concentrates on one that thing, but it doesn’t let the rest of your brain become activated. A lot of ideas come from different nodes of your brain connecting different completely unrelated ideas in new different ways, and that’s the diffused mode of thinking. When you’re leaning something new, you want to use diffused thinking, so you can grock it, you can tie it to other nodes in your brain and understand it.

If you only try to focus on the problem and do nothing else, you’re going to have a lot harder time solving the problem. Now, focused thinking is very, very good for problems you already understand, for processes that you’ve gone through before, and that’s why you want to use these two modes of thinking in combination. Now, tip #7 and I’ve talked about this before in terms of textbooks is to gauge your classes, and the specific area I want you to think about here is gauge the speed at which your professor moves and at which you’re able to understand. If your professor tends to go too fast and you can’t really understand everything he’s presenting. Maybe he writes too fast and you can take notes fast enough or he just moves through the material too fast for you to really understand it and give time to process in your brain.

Then, you want to take some steps to mitigate that problem. One thing you could do is to read through the chapter before a lecture. Maybe if you have some material that outlines what’s going to be in the lecture, you can use that to look at the most relevant parts of the textbook and prime your brain for the lecture. One other thing you can do if the class pace is just too fast, and I can’t really emphasize this enough is to simply ask your professor for help or ask questions in the middle of class.

Professors are there to help you and you should take advantage of that. My 8th and final tip is to start your problem sets alone. When I was a sophomore I had a statistics class, and I actually had a partner and she would come over to my dorm basically every time we had a homework assignment to do and we would do it together. Now, I realize that this isn’t really the best strategy. Now, I got a pretty good grade in the class anyway, but going forward, I wouldn’t do this again. Here’s the reason why.

When you do a problem set with a partner, you’re robbing yourself the opportunity to really pinpoint gaps in your understanding because two people going at the same problem at the same time, if one person is able to do the entire thing and the other person can kind of get where the first person’s coming from. So, if you don’t really understand a problem or maybe there’s one tiny little section that you wouldn’t have gotten, but your partner does, you’re going to latch onto their answer.

amusement park

Abandoned Amusement Parks

  • October 16, 2019

Is there anything creepier than an abandoned amusement park? From the USA to Hungary, here are 10 of the happiest places turned into spooky, desolate areas. Visit if you dare!! 10.

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Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan The Japanese are really something when it comes to business ideas. In 1997, they wanted to open an amusement park based on the famous novel by Jonathan Swift “Gulliver’s Travels”, because who doesn’t want to pretend they are in an 18th century English novel?? Apparently not enough people because the park closed down just 4 years later.

I mean it’s not really that trendy when you have Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park. Not only was this theme probably outdated, but the park was boring and it was in the middle of nowhere! Well actually not nowhere, but it was actually very close to Aokigahara forest, the most popular suicide spot in the world after the Golden Gate Bridge. The village nearby was home to a doomsday cult so besides the park, there is nothing else to draw you to this area unless you have dark intentions.

The amusement park had almost no rides, except a bobsled track, and some interactive entertainment with people pretending to be from the legendary land of Lilliput. The center of the whole thing was poor Gulliver, who was attacked and tied to the ground, his face in a contorted, scared position. Did the developers forget this was supposed to be a fun, happy place? The fun thing is that you could lie in the palm of his hand and feel tiny. It wasn’t enough to draw ticket sales and the park was completely demolished in 2007.

9. Spreepark, Berlin This place was first opened in 1969 under the name of Kulturpark Plänterwald, in what was then East Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin wall, in 1989, the park was renamed to Spreepark, because it was built right next to the Spree river.

It was quite an attraction because, for years, it was the only amusement park in East Germany. It was full of dinosaurs walking around the gardens and fun rides. The fall of the Berlin wall, meant the fall of the park. The problems for the park began in 1991 when its owner – Norbert Witte took over.

He crashed a crane into a ride, killing 7 people and injuring 15 others making this the worst carnival disaster in Germany to date. This was just the beginning. He added tons of rides and invested millions by 1997 but people just stopped going.

Witte was facing bankruptcy. He tried to save himself by fleeing to Peru. Then on top of that, he was caught trying to smuggle cocaine back into Germany inside parts for the rides, and he was sentenced to 8 years in prison. His son was caught in Peru and was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years. And so, his dream of trying to reopen the park for the public failed.

As for the park site itself, it’s in ruins, being vandalized year after year…In 2014 the city took over and they tried to step up security but it is no use. People report hearing strange noises coming from the park like creaking, groaning machinery, people screaming….Urban explorers warn that if you are going to try to sneak in, never go alone. And now for number 8, but first if you are new here be sure to subscribe before you leave and remember to hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out on the latest videos! 8.

L’Aquatic Paradis, Spain This water park was built in Sitges near the city of Barcelona but, unfortunately, it didn’t stay open for long. From the very start, L’Aquatic Paradis was faced with a myriad of problems. It had tons of slides and pools and people were excited about it, but two years after opening there was a tragic accident and then massive debt issues….sound familiar? When it closed in the 90’s the aquatic paradise was shut down and stories of the park became urban legend.

People claim that a child died in an accident while going down a slide, and one story goes that a child was sucked under by the engine of the wave machine. The park was shut down but the park has been far from empty! It has become a haven for skaters, teens, music bands, and whoever else wants to hang out.

Signs were put up to keep people out but you know how that goes. Graffiti artists aren’t scared of those signs! More recently, police have taken over to practice their drills and keep the counterculture out!

7. Akvadroma Water Park, Russia This complex, also known as the Indoor Complex near Moscow was approved for construction in 1997 – the idea was to have a huge center for the upcoming World Youth Games. It was an enormous undertaking, as it took over an area of 43,000 square meters (468,000 sq. feet), with 9 floors complete with swimming pools, water slides, track and field course, offices, and medical center.

It was supposed to be much more than a water park!! The Russians didn’t make it in time for the Youth Games, but they kept on working on it until 2002. As you might have guessed, it didn’t turn out well. All construction on the park was suspended, and just two years later, the whole area was sold, with plans of building a shopping center on the premises. In the end, all that’s left are ruins and a huge chunk of concrete. This place could have been a world-wide tourist attraction, but the idea is lost forever.

Graffiti artists and editorial photographers might enjoy it. 6. Lake Dolores, USA This waterpark was the first ever in the United States. It used to be a popular desert attraction but now it is abandoned in the middle of the Mojave Desert, California. It was known as Lake Dolores or Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark, back in the day.

The name Dolores actually comes from the name of the person who built it. The local businessman, Bob Byers, wanted to build this waterpark primarily for himself and his family, and he decided to name it after his beloved wife. The initial planning and construction was done in the late 1950s and early 1960.

The complex was opened for the public in 1962, and it saw some steady business early on, because it was located near Interstate 15. In the next couple of decades, business was booming, and the waterpark reached the peak of its popularity in the late 1970s. However, things took a turn for the worse in the 80s and the park was soon closed. The Byers had major financial issues, and finally – Dolores Byers sold the entire property in 2001, five years after her husband Bob passed away. She also passed away, one month after selling the estate.

Today, not much of the old glory remains. The vast majority of water slides and attractions are no more, as they were sold to other similar water parks around the globe. The wires and metal fences have been demolished and stolen, so if you want to walk around – you can do it without any problem. It does have a nostalgic feel, and now artists and photographers often go there to get some good views. 5.

Dunaújváros Vidámpark, Hungary This Hungarian park was very popular back in the day – the beginnings of this park go back to the 19th century! While it was severely damaged during WWII, in the 60s and 70s, the place was booming because so many people wanted to go! It was fixed up to look like an “English Park” in 1952, but it became even more popular after the Hungarian revolution 4 years later.

For the next couple of decades – this park was awesome!! However, as the 1980’s approached, the cost to maintain the park grew more and more. This was happening all over since the financial situation in all of the countries “behind the iron curtain” was far from great. The ticket price for the amusement park got higher and higher.

When communism collapsed, people found all kinds of new ways to entertain themselves since the social climate and the market changed considerably. The park was finally closed in 1993, and it stayed that way for some 20 years, when it was finally demolished, leaving behind only sparse traces of its former glory. The good news is that some of the historical buildings are still preserved and what remains belongs to an animal and botanical park.

4. Holy Land, USA This attraction located in Waterbury, Connecticut was full of religious exhibits and bible studies for the whole family! It was big for around 30 years and attracted about 40,000 people a year to be exact. And for a reason.

Because it was created for a very specific purpose, to give the faithful good, clean fun. How? By depicting Biblical scenes down to a tee.

In the 1950s, John Greco built this park as a tribute to the Holy Land in Israel. This was an amazing feat, because John Greco did it with community volunteers using recycled materials and cinder blocks. He made models of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, as well as many other Biblical and holy locations, with around 200 structures in total. In 1986, John Greco died, and this amusement park was left to a group of nuns, to guard it and take care of it.

Unfortunately, a teenager got killed in 2010 near the park, which gave rise to all kinds of ghost stories about the haunted site. Year after year the park has gotten vandalised and now you can see graffiti and broken crosses. The park was bought from the nuns in 2013 and, according to latest information, there are rumors about reviving this religious attraction. If you’re feeling really disappointed right now and Christian theme parks are your thing, then there is a place you can go. The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida and you can get an autograph from Jesus himself!

3. Joyland, Wichita, USA This amusement park was started by the Ottaway family during the economic boom in Wichita. Lester Ottaway bought a steam locomotive in 1933, and wanted to build something around it, so ergo we have Joyland!!

People used to come mostly in the evenings to cool off and enjoy every one’s company, especially since there was no TV! Lester Ottaway died in the 1950s, but his three sons didn’t want to end the family business. They continued working on the park, adding more rides, and wild animals like lions and deer.

In the early 1970s, the three Ottaway brothers decided to retire, and they sold their park to Stanley and Margaret Nelson, who ran the park for the next 30 years. The park was eventually closed after a boy fell out of a roller coaster and guards were attacked by youths with knives….The park was slowly dying and even though there have been a couple of attempts of renewing it, it didn’t happen. For some years, the park has been continually destroyed by vandals and taken over by nature. 2. Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan Don’t let the name confuse you- this place is not in Greenland, but Japan! This amusement park was opened back in 1973, but it was closed only two years later.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but official sources said that there just weren’t enough ticket sales. Which means that the Japanese didn’t do a proper market analysis, which doesn’t sound like them at all!! Other sources claim that there were some deaths on the amusement park rides, and that this led to the park shutting down, which definitely could be the case. All in all, the park was closed for more than a decade, and it was reopened in 1986. It lasted until 1999, and then it was shut down for good.

This time, it wasn’t the accidents, but competition from other similar amusement parks, such as Tokyo Disneyland. The park was abandoned, and nature soon took over. Nowadays, it looks eerie and it’s really hard to find it, because the whole area has been taken over by lush vegetation. Greenland, indeed. 1.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine This amusement park really didn’t have any luck. It was opened in in the town of Pripyat, north of Kiev, but it didn’t last long. In fact, it lasted for less than one day! Yes, strange as it may sound, this amusement park was closed less than 24 hours after being opened to the public.

When it was made, this amusement park had everything for decent family fun: bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, you name it. But although it was nicely conceived, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster sealed its fate, among with everything else. The park was opened on April 27, 1986, just one day after the aforementioned disaster. At the time, no one was sure what had happened, so things went on as normal. But as soon as the news spread, the park had to be shut down to evacuate the whole area. Chernobyl is located some 20 km from Pripyat, so there was no way of staying there!

Nowadays, the footage we have of the Pripyat park is really amazing: everything is still there, only there are no people to enjoy all the benefits of the brand new amusement park. No fun at all, folks.

Check this list:

Jobs at Online Casino

  • September 2, 2019


So those are the things we’re gonna be digging into today. Please make sure you wait ’til the end of the video to find out how you can get my free seven-day series on finding work from home, and I’m also gonna let you know how you can get a discount on your membership. Okay, now one of my favorite things about the membership is the advanced job search. Now if you have been looking for work from home for awhile, you are probably familiar with job boards like Indeed, maybe you’ve been looking.

One thing that have likely come across, is that you are just inundated with a lot of jobs that at the end of the day, they’re not a good fit for you. Maybe they aren’t telecommuting at all in the first place, maybe there’s some other disqualifiers in there that are making them just… It’s a waste of your time to be having to dig through those jobs.

So that is where the advanced job search really comes in handy, and one of my favorite things about FlexJobs. And I wanted to run quickly with you, through you today, so that you kind of know how I use it, and get the results that I am looking for quickly. Now here’s what the advanced job search looks like. When you are logged into your FlexJobs membership, its gonna be right up here at the top of the screen, along with these other things. You’ll see the tab there. And this is really gonna help a lot of you out that are looking for specific time of scheduling, or a specific type of work.

Now you’re gonna notice here, there’s things like keywords, you can exclude certain words, you can put in your location, and we’re gonna be talking about a couple of those. Now when it comes to US location, it’s asking you for your city, state, or zip code. I recommend leaving this one blank, unless you live in one of those states that is sometimes hard to come by work-at-home, like California. In that instance, I would plug in your state here, just to make sure you’re getting filtered down those jobs that are actually open to you, but if you’re in another state where that’s really not an issue, and doesn’t come up quite often, I would go ahead and leave that blank, just so that you’re not getting excluded by mistake for anything that’s really open to you, or open nationwide. And now for those of you that are outside of the United States, FlexJobs can work for you too.

You’re going to see the international tab here, that’s going to allow you to select your country. Or maybe you are a person that travels around the world frequently. There you can even choose to select the anywhere jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world. So that is something that is going to help a lot of you out, that maybe are following me, but aren’t located in the US. Now when we get down here to job types, this is something that I really appreciate, I prefer more of the freelance positions than an actual employee. I like having the freedom of making my own schedule, and doing my own thing, but there are a lot of you out there who want those employee positions that are gonna be taking out your taxes, that are maybe going to be supplying you with some benefits, whether that’s healthcare or paid time off.

So here you can go ahead and select that, or you can leave it blank. Another one that’s going to come in handy for a lot of you, is the work schedule. Here you’ll see that you can choose from full-time, part-time, flexible schedules, or even something that’s seasonal or short-term.

Now for me, I usually stick with these two right here, possibly the first three, full-time, part-time, or flexible schedule. Now here is where we really start noticing some big results when it comes to filtering, and that’s under categories. Some of you are looking for a specific type of work, maybe you have an accounting degree, maybe you don’t have an accounting degree but you really enjoy bookkeeping, maybe you want to focus on those virtual assistant positions. Those are all things that you can narrow down here in the categories. Now the telecommuting level option here is really gonna come in handy for a lot of you. If you have been digging into job boards like Indeed for any period of time, you may have noticed that sometimes when you ask for work-at-home jobs, you get a lot of things that really aren’t work-from-home.

Maybe you used the keyword work-from-home, but what the job description really says is this is not a work-from-home position. So you’re going to be wasting time digging through those type of results, when in FlexJobs, they actually go through everything for you, they make sure it’s not a scam, they make sure that it does have some kind of flexible potential, and then they do categorize everything. And one of the options here is going to be 100% telecommuting.

That means you are not gonna be working outside of your home at all, and that’s what a lot of you are gonna be focusing on, so I really want you to make sure that you’re clicking on that one. Now for career level, there are some of you out there that have, you know, a professional degree and some professional experience, and there’s also some of you out there that are just looking for entry level work. Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience, or maybe you just want something to move into a different field, working from home, maybe you feel that you don’t have prior experience in.

And we can go ahead and choose that here. Also you will have the option to choose whether you want to travel, yes, no, maybe, or you’re going to be able to choose from FlexJobs preferred employers. These are people that they work with, or have vetted personally, that they have a good connection with, and they know are good work opportunities. And then when we get that, click the search for jobs, we’re gonna be returned all of these listings here.

It’s going to tell us the position, who it’s for, when it was posted, and we’ll be able to click on each of these and get down into a full description, you know, how do we apply, what exactly are they looking for, what are they paying, this is all gonna be listed out here for us. And that is why this is really something that I love about FlexJobs, is it allows me to stop wasting so much time. If you look over here in the sidebar, you’re going to be able to see how to narrow down your results even further, you can focus on employee, freelance, temporary, you can go ahead and switch over from part-time to flexible, or choose full-time here, you can go ahead and choose one of these specific categories if that’s what you’d like to do, and here are some of those FlexJobs accolades that they’re gonna let you know that these are some of the employers that they really recommend.

Now if you want to just start browsing some things that are available within FlexJobs, you are going to be able to go to the job categories tab. And when you head over here, this is gonna give you if you’re new to working at home, this is a great place to start, because it’s really gonna allow you to see some of the opportunities that are available. Now as I said, FlexJobs, that’s all of their job listings, so you can rest assured that none of these are scams, they’re not business opportunities, these are truly legitimate jobs. And as you can see, there is a lot of variety here.

Whether you’re looking for those accounting positions, administrative jobs, there’s a lot of writing jobs here, you can get into different government and politics jobs, and these ones here are gonna have a dropdown as well. Call center jobs are always popular in the work-at-home world. Here you can choose from inbound, outbound. If you head down here to writing jobs, you are going to be able to see blogging jobs, copywriting jobs, et cetera.

And then when you click through any one of these, you’re gonna be brought to the most recent job listings. Here again, we’re gonna be able to see when these were posted, what the position is, who the company is, and these ones that have this little identifiers here are gonna be, see, this one is a company that is considered to be military friendly. We have some that are going to be best companies to work for in Pennsylvania, top workplace in Minnesota, a lot of great information is within the FlexJobs platform, that is really gonna help you identify those jobs, that are gonna be a great fit for you. Now a lot of people will ask me, “Is it really necessary to have a FlexJobs membership? “Can’t I just see the same jobs anywhere–“, or excuse me, “without being logged in, “without having to pay that membership?”.

And the answer is yes and no. If I hop over here to where I am logged out, now here we can see some of the newest telecommuting jobs. What we’re going to see here, is a name of the position, I’m gonna be able to see some of the accolades that this position has, and the date that it’s posted, but when I click through, I’m really not gonna get a lot of information here.

It’s gonna give me a brief rundown as far as what the job entails, and the salary, but there’s not going to be a link to apply here. When I click over to where I am logged in, I’m gonna be able to see the position, the company it’s for, when I click through the actual job, I’m going to be able to see their website, where they’re located, the actual job description, the qualifications they need, everything else that they’re looking for, and I’m also gonna have the opportunity to apply for this job. You are going to have the opportunity to upload your resume to this site. Now where this comes in handy, is FlexJobs does work with a lot of telecommuting employers, these are called their featured employers. Those featured employers are going to be able to view the resumes within a FlexJobs platform, and contact those people directly, if they so choose.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take some skills tests, if there are some things that you don’t know maybe if you have your skills up to par at this point, so you wanna know if you should take some further training, or maybe this is something that you are really skilled in, and you’d like it displayed on your FlexJobs profile, you can go ahead and do that here. As it says, most of these are 40 questions, and take about 40 minutes to complete, outside of the FlexJobs membership, they usually cost $14.99 each to take these skills tests, but you can take them free with your FlexJobs membership. And you’ll see there are a lot of different things here.

In that finance and accounting, there’s some bookkeeping tests, accounting principles, QuickBooks, some different things there. Same goes for writing and publishing, you know, brush up on your copywriting skills, web content, some things like that. Also you’re gonna find there are some member savings, these are companies that FlexJobs works with to get you some discounts. A lot of these are things that are relevant to online workers, like GoToMeeting, Dell, Harvest is an invoicing and bookkeeping type of service, is a popular trusted online casino banking and online casino gaming by Casinoslots. There’s also some in here for having your resume examined, or getting one written, so those are some things that you might want to check out as well. And as I said, the advanced job search is definitely my favorite feature of this.

You can go ahead after you have searched for these jobs, you can save this search, and then FlexJobs will email you as new jobs come available. And over here, again you’re gonna be able to see in this sidebar that you can go ahead and start browsing by those featured employers, some surprising flexible jobs, you can do some research on the companies yourself, as well as get some more information that FlexJobs has available here. And again, if you are a person that lives in one of those states that is sometimes hard to find work-at-home, like California, you can use the jobs by location map. And that will allow you to narrow down jobs that are just open to those in your state, if that’s something that’s an issue. You can also use it if you are looking for some international opportunities as well. So that is it for me for today.

Keyboards for Gaming & Office Work

  • August 18, 2019

Wha-Wha-Wha wha-wha-wha how you doing that with the magic of choice, all right so over the past year, or so, my keyboard collection has grown a little bit and just as with gaming mice, I keep everything that I like, not just in storage, but actually use them in Rotation now I realized my privilege of, like you know, going through so many gaming peripherals, but doing videos on those of course gives me access to everything like that, and so today I want to share my three favorite tkl keyboards, that you could potentially use in your Gaming space office space or just for casual use, and so, if you’re, urging for a tkl upgrade for your keyboard, make sure check out description. Everything is listed. There welcome the entire H series from NZXT one of the most elegant case lineups with the premium construction. You’Ll appreciate and the little details like purple USB ports, perforate shroud floor and the iconic cable cover.

We’Ve got an ITX option: the H 200, your standard ATX mid tower at age 500 and the big guns, the H 700, all available with a smart device for RGB illumination and fan control, or the standard variations with a smart interior to complement an easy assembly. The H series has Hardware connects approved and is something for everyone to check. So here the are my three favorite tkl keyboards, the G Pro from Logitech. It’S by far my most used one here, it’s been on my desk since launch the mastdrop ctrl is one of the more premium and customizable boards that I have with a fantastic color scheme and a gorgeous illumination, and the most recent edition is the Tesoro gram spectrum Tkl for its low profile, nature and a little variation of the mechanical switches form factor wise.

They all share the same tenkeyless design without the number pad on the side, but they all have their unique characteristics. So, for example, the gram spectrum TKL has that low profile frame and the key caps, the angular front section, helps to further minimize the footprint. While the keys on the G Pro are slightly submerged into the frame with the larger forehead above the top row and a totally floating key cap design on the control keyboard with an elegant, symmetrical slab of aluminum for the mainframe all feature a removable, cable centered. On the G Pro right side on the gram, tkl and dual sided: type-c port on the control keyboard for extra routing flexibility, and that a new sport can be used for additional type-c accessories, which is pretty cool. They all have some four of RGB elimination that is handled quite differently.

For example, a G Pro keyboard has the Logitech’s own romer switches with a centered led to illuminate the transparent section of the keys evenly without any spill below the keys, and I love this look. You can do all kind of effects and perky color customization to the Graham spectrum. Tkl uses two source, agile switches with the transparent base and therefore gives that cool under glow effect for the entire keyboard and has an even better light spill on the white frame. We have multiple color effects and per key color customization as well. The control keyboard can be picked up with multiple mechanical switches, so I have the halo, clear switches and because they’re exposed at the bottom that the illumination effect is pretty strong. Plus we get an additional LED strip around the bottom of the frame to cast some more color on the surface.

It is definitely one of the prettiest keyboards. I have in my collection, especially with that two-tone gray color scheme on the keycap layout, but I will say that the uniformity could be slightly better as individual LEDs on a light bar are clearly visible and, as usual, multiple color effects have built in with per key Color selection available and so all three keywords are slightly different and will attract a particular type of user. So, for example, the control keyboard from massdrop, it’s more targeted for enthusiasts, given this price point and also not full time availability. But we have full customization with qmk firmware where you can assign all types of commands and create layers of key customization, and even these switches are hot swappable. For those wanting to experiment to create your like perfect feeling, keyboard and assign multiple switches throughout the entire board. Without soldering, anything which is pretty awesome, the key caps are also high-quality, double shot BBT with an interesting grainy texture and also the cleanest font, especially compared to the other two keyboards.

Now my gaming keyboard choice, of course, has to be the g pro from large tag. It’S a tough little board that has seen a lot of action, and my primary purpose of using this for games are the romer g switches and while I really like the insane variety of em extra options, the Romer G is just such an awesome. Combination of a quiet switch with a slight tactile point that I’m extremely comfortable with they are kind of similar to MX browns, but I still prefer the romaji.

And lastly, if I want to switch things up a bit for a more minimalist look, I take out the Tesoro gram spectrum tkl and I kind of wish I had the white edition of this keyboard that can blend a bit more with My Space, but the low Profile, nature is pretty unique, plus the linear red, agile switches feel smooth and awesome for typing, as the actuation point is slightly shorter at 1.5, millimeters and they’re also pretty light at 45 grams and they’re, also pretty quiet too. So there you have it my three favorite tkl keyboards. In a nutshell, if you’re thinking of picking one up, everything will be listed in description below, and I realized my privilege of having these three models on hand and picking and choosing whichever I feel like of using in that particular day. If I had to choose one, I would probably stick with the G Pro by Logitech. It really comes down to three factors. The romaji switches are awesome, they’re, simple, minimalist design, plus pretty decent RGB illumination that isn’t too out there, but still allows for a little bit of fun.

I will never try to like color match my peripherals. Now. I’Ve had this keyboard for almost two years, and I read online based on long-term customer views of two years, plus that some keys stop working and the main comment for many users is the LED burning out on certain keys, not displaying any more color so giving you Half two years warranty that’s unfortunate, but I haven’t had any issues since that the soraa would be my second choice simply because the price is good. I love the low profile design. I don’t really care about the key switches.

You know they’ve had bad reputation in the past, but since the agile switches, I think are pretty decent feels very nice and I switch mallets as well when they need to do some typing. I love typing on the agile red switches and then the control keyboard. That’S a particular one, that’s so premium and I love the the switches. I love everything about it: delighting in the build quality, the the heaviness of the switch, the customization everything about it, but it’s not easy to get a hold of, because it’s on mass drops which are not always present, and so that would be my third choice, but Still, it’s a really awesome free keyboard for enthusiasts.

20 Attractions You Would not Believe Are Part of Las Vegas

  • June 30, 2019

The 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard is The Strip. It runs through the city from northeast to southwest, lined with huge entertainment palaces, many built with a defining theme and home to performance venues, luxury hotel rooms, and fine dining. The Strip is extremely impressive at night when the city is illuminated by an endless succession of glittering neon signs. Most visitors enjoy walking along the Strip and taking in the sights.

Generally speaking, the Las Vegas Strip runs from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to Treasure Island Hotel. If you really want to experience Las Vegas, stay on the Strip, preferably at one of the major resorts that you shouldn’t miss. #2. Fremont Street Experience.

It is the city of casinos. The casino has table games pits, slot machines. Casinoslots provide their special top ten list of the most trusted online casino sites for South African gamblers. Online casino South Africa is the most trusted on the web.

In old downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is a pedestrian-only area with many different unique sites. A five-block section of Fremont Street is covered over with a canopy of LED lights that illuminate the sky in a spectacle of different colors and designs as you walk below. Known as the Fremont Street Experience, each night fantastic music and visual show takes place overhead. Street performers and special entertainment acts often perform outdoors in this area.

Fremont Street is in downtown Las Vegas, a few kilometers from the Strip. It is best to take a taxi to reach the area. You can also experience Las Vegas at night by taking the the 3.5-hour Las Vegas Lights Night Tour, which includes the Fremont Street light show and highlights along the Strip. #3. Helicopter Rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. For a great aerial view over Las Vegas, or even the Grand Canyon, visitors may want to consider taking a helicopter ride.

Las Vegas has a number of companies providing helicopter tours that take visitors over Las Vegas and the Strip, or as far away as the Grand Canyon. This is a great opportunity for anyone with limited time to see not only Vegas, but the surrounding landscape and one of America’s most impressive and famous natural attractions. If you have a full day for exploring, try a 6.5-hour Grand Canyon 4-in-1 Helicopter Tour.

This tour includes a 45-minute flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, Swooping down to the canyon floor, and enjoying a scenic pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River. Then, landing at Eagle Point for a West Rim tour. As an added option, you can visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk for a photo opportunity. Lunch and limousine hotel pickup/drop-off included.

#4. Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides. The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is located on the Strip, across from Treasure Island. It is one of the city’s finest resorts and has many interesting tourist attractions.

Inside, is a themed shopping arcade built to resemble the city of Venice, complete with blue skies, canals, and gondoliers. The hotel also features recreations of the main attractions found in Venice, such as the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, along with many others. The Venetian Gondola Rides are a fun way to see the complex. Situated out in front of the Venetian Hotel, near the sidewalk, boats await passengers who are then taken on a ride by their personable gondolier through the shopping arcade inside the hotel.

#5. Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower. The Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower is located on the Strip, and is one of the most easily recognized resorts in the city. Out front is a scale model of the Eiffel Tower, and down the way is a recreation of the Paris Opera House. 46 stories above the city streets, the Eiffel Tower Experience is an observation deck with incredible 360-degree views. One story below, is posh and romantic Eiffel Tower Restaurant, with fine views out over the Strip and across to the dancing fountains of Bellagio.

Also on the property is a mock hot air balloon festooned with neon and flashing lights. #6. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show. The Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is a massive, high-end hotel complex.

It offers a wide variety of attractions, including the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, a spa and salon, and some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Beyond the lobby is a showroom area with changing themes that range from spring botanical displays to fascinating shows of art. The most impressive and famous feature is the fountain show.

In front of the Bellagio, along the Strip, the dancing fountains perform a beautiful display of water set to music. From the sidewalk, visitors have a ringside view. This is often described as the best free attraction in Las Vegas. #7. Mirage Hotel: Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden.

The Mirage Hotel is easy to identify while walking along the Strip. In front of the resort is a volcano, which erupts at regular intervals. At night, the glowing red fire shooting out is one of the most unique sites visible from the sidewalk.

Inside the Mirage is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. You can see a wide variety of exotic animals, including white lions. The Dolphin Habitat contains a large number of trained dolphins in its 2.5-million-gallon pools. #8. High Roller Ferris Wheel on the Linq. The High Roller Ferris wheel is at the far end of the Linq Promenade, just off the Strip.

This huge Ferris wheel stands 550 feet high and takes 30 minutes for one full rotation, providing outstanding views over the strip and surrounding area from the capsules. Each cabin, as they are called, can hold up to 40 people. Views are particularly outstanding at night with the city lights in full glow. #9. New York-New York Hotel. The New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas is across the street from both the MGM Grand Hotel and the Excalibur Resort Hotel.

Visually stunning, the hotel is designed to appear like New York’s skyline, complete with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. A huge roller coaster circles in and around the hotel. #10. Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum.

Perhaps one of the best known of all the Las Vegas hotel resorts, Caesar’s Palace continues to evolve. Currently, Caesar’s Palace is a massive complex in the middle of the Strip, complete with every imaginable entertainment option. The hotel is closely associated with shows held in its huge concert venue known as “The Colosseum.” Top performers (which have included Celine Dion and Elton John) perform here for extended periods, and shows are often booked out well in advance. Visitors planning a trip and hoping to see a performance here will want to check out dates and ticket availability as early as possible.

We recommend you check the site as it allows you not only to check ticket availability to shows in Las Vegas, but also compare ticket prices from various ticket sellers and providers. #11. Mob Museum. The Mob Museum, or the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement as it is officially named, is a truly unique and standout museum in Nevada.

The museum is housed in a 1933 Neoclassical building, formerly the US Post Office and Courthouse, that has its own history. It was one of the locations for the famous Kefauver Committee hearings in 1950, which revealed some ugly truths about organized crime in Las Vegas and across the US. The museum tells the history of the Mob in America through engaging, interactive displays and video clips. Exhibits deal with everything from the individual characters and events to the culture and fashion associated with the times.

#12. Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium. Mandalay Bay Resort is at the southwest end of the Strip, near the Luxor hotel. One of the key highlights at this complex is the Shark Reef Aquarium. The massive 1.3 million-gallon tank holds a wide variety of sharks, fish, rays, reptiles, and more. About 100 sharks from 15 different species and more than 2,000 animals in all are on display.

The Shark Tunnel is the most impressive feature. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Shark Reef works with wildlife biologists to preserve endangered lake and marine populations as well as rehabilitate injured animals. #13.

Neon Museum. The bright and colorful neon signs of Las Vegas have been one of the city’s most memorable sights for countless visitors throughout the years. These multi-story advertising beacons became one of the city’s claims to fame. Today, the Neon Museum is working hard to preserve some of the city’s history by purchasing, storing, and in some cases, refurbishing the historic neon signs that have gone by the wayside as businesses have faded or new signs have taken the place of older icons. You can see many of these signs by taking a guided tour at the Neon Museum, where old neon signs are stored outside in a large compound.

Guides provide the history of the signs and designs, which have evolved over the years. Efforts at the museum are ongoing, and signs stand in varying conditions. In some cases, only a portion was saved or found, while others have been restored to their former glory. This contrast makes the museum that much more interesting and gives visitors insight into how much work and upkeep is required with these giant signs. #14. Luxor Hotel.

Another distinctive theme hotel, at the far southwest end of the Strip, is the Luxor Hotel. It is designed in an ancient Egyptian theme, and is shaped like a pyramid, with a sphinx proudly gazing out over the street. The Luxor, like all the major resorts, offers a wide variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities. One of the standout features of this hotel is the beam of light that projects from the highest point of the pyramid and shoots up into the night sky. It can be seen from throughout Las Vegas.

#15. Stratosphere Tower. The Stratosphere Tower is an unmistakable sight on the Las Vegas skyline.

The tower rises up 1,149 feet, and on the rooftop of the tower are a variety of heart pounding thrill rides, including the SkyJump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity. For those looking for a little less drama, there is an indoor and outdoor observation deck with great views over the city. The Stratosphere Tower claims the “tallest freestanding observation tower in the USA.”

#16. MGM Grand Hotel and CSI: The Experience. The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas is across the street from the New York-New York Hotel and kitty corner to the Excalibur Resort Hotel. The MGM Grand Hotel has all the amenities visitors would expect to find at a luxury hotel including above average accommodations, an exceptional pool area, a multitude of restaurants, and plenty of entertainment options. One of the hotels popular activities is CSI: The Experience, based on the popular CSI TV series, where participants can test out their detective skills. #17.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers a truly unique experience. Here, visitors will get to experience what actual skydiving is like, without an airplane or parachute.

Qualified instructors escort participants to a vertical wind tunnel where they are suited up in special gear. Once the fan is turned on, anyone can float effortlessly in the air. No experience is necessary. #18. Madame Tussaud’s.

Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas is near the escalators leading up to the Venetian Hotel on the Strip. Here, visitors can see their favorite stars preserved forever in wax. In many cases, the figures are so lifelike it is almost eerie.

Figures range from Elvis to Bradley Cooper, Sofia Vergara and many others. The overall focus or theme of Madame Tussaud’s is on people who are associated with Las Vegas. #19. Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Fans of fast cars will want to head over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Located in Clark County, 15 miles northeast of the Strip, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a 1,200-acre complex of multiple automobile racing tracks just right for the speed-freak in you.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is home to NASCAR races, as well as a number of other racing events. Several speed records have been set at the track. The Speedway features multiple restaurants, and for those wishing to stay overnight, camping is available as well. #20.

Excalibur Hotel. The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas is another theme hotel on the Strip. Decked out in medieval character, the hotel features some wild architecture, complete with turrets. The hotel has all the amenities a visitor could possibly imagine, with varied entertainment, a huge pool area, and a good assortment of restaurants.

Batting Babu

  • June 26, 2019

I thought it was because the net was down. As there was nothing I could do, I got dressed and came to office. But I wasn’t feeling alright. That’s when I got to know that.. Why do you look so sad?

– I don’t want to live in this world anymore. Why not? – Porn has been banned.

Maybe switching the browser would do? – I even tried switching the SIM but to no use. You’re feeling this bad over porn?

– To you it may be a trifle. But for millions of single guys like me, porn is life. Mister, what that I understooded is.. Hell with this phone! You’re suffering from Obsessive Complexive Shake the Shaik disorder. So, I’ll have to start the therapy on you immediately. – Would the ban get lifted if you do the therapy on me?

What a loser! By the time the therapy is over, you’ll no longer have the urge to watch those clips! Since when have you been watching porn?

– That’s a nice question. I was 13.. Stop it. I’m feeling drowsy. And also I can’t imagine you as a 13 year old boy. Fine.

Imagine I was just like this when I was 13. – This seems like a decent idea. I was 13.. Chandoo, your mom and I are going out! Be careful. Have I locked all the doors? – Yes, you have.

How come you’re in my flashback? – I wanted to observe your problem up close. Alright! Observe me but don’t disturb me. ‘M-A-L-L-U’ Do it, do it!

A little more! Do it a little more! Why? Why did you stop?

– Get inside the screen and you do it. The guy would do nothing. He just keeps crawling by her side. That is why it is called ‘Mallu’. – I see.

Whatever, let’s watch it. Shit! Someone is home! I’m out of here.

– Don’t! You’re here from the future. No can see you. Go and draw the curtains open while I go answer the door. Hell with the guy who ruined a nice moment!

I desperately used to wait to be home alone. But that wasn’t often. So, I decided to risk it. You are here again? – Of course. ‘T-I-T-A-N-I-C’ You are watching a film?

Not porn? – Back in the day, this film was porn to us. Why are you skipping it forward? – I’m waiting for the car scene. – There is car in Titanic? Of course, there is.

Why won’t it? – This guy knows a great deal. Wow! Now I know why this movie was such a big hit! Hold on, Mr Sharma, I’ll note it down in the laptop!

He took the Titanic away. – He even took the car away! Mr Shamra, I’ll call you right back. Why are you scared? He anyway can’t see you. Had you not risked it, this wouldn’t have happened.

Now all you can watch is cartoons on TV. Where there is a will there is a way. I guess he’s got an idea.

– Yes! Follow me. Bathroom! This is the bedroom for single guys like me. Come in.

Put your mobile on silent! If you mess up our past, our future will be messed up. I’ll show you one nice clip! Cut it! Look at the contrast of their skin tones. I can’t stand it.

When will you guys change? When will you quit racism on basis of colour and creed? At the end of the day, we all are humans. Unity in diversity. Just get out if you don’t want to watch. – Well, I was kidding.

Of course, I want to watch. Why doesn’t the video load? – It is taking years to load.

Let’s watch it in lower quality. – It is better to wait and watch in 1080p than in 480p. Screw this idiot!

Alright, whatever. My hands are tired. – It took you so long.

Is there no water in there? There is no signal in there. – What? He is busted again. This way, even the invisible me while be busted. But what to do?

I want to watch more. – Me too. Give me your phone. What for? – Since I got busted, my dad disconnected the WiFi. I’m still in the past.

I don’t have a smart phone. But you are from the future so you’ll be having phones and data packs. Take out your phone!

I don’t like this guy. He’s got a clean shaved head. We’ll watch something else. Crap!

The same guy is in this video too. Move to the next video. Man, this guy is everywhere! I hated his clean shaved head and his biceps! I just can’t stand him. Who the hell is he?

Who the hell he is? He is Johnny Sins! He is a diamond among all us men. There is no position which he doesn’t know.

He essayed all kinds of roles, be it a doctor or a soldier or a teacher or a postman or an astronaut, and he nailed them all. Johnny Sins is hundreds of men rolled into one. He is also my inspiration. Going by what you said, I’m sure he is a great man. So, from morning to night, I kept on shaking.

I ran out of all sites and videos. Initially, I used to watch once a week but then, I started watching thrice a day. – Thrice a day? What an idiot you are. Even I thought the same.

One day I got really scared. ‘This is the 10th time this week. At this rate, I may die.’

‘Will any girl want to marry me? Can I look after her well?’ What did you do to come out of the depression? -I used to shake it again.

I’ll skip forward the scene. – Wait! Why are you skipping it? It is a fine scene. Dear, I’m busy. I’ll call you later.

Why did you change the video? – Because the video began abruptly. Any porn video should have a story, a need, a purpose.

Only then can we enjoy it. Do you want to watch such a video. – Of course I want to. Why won’t I? This white girl is hungry.

So, she ordered for a pizza. You see this tattoed guy. He is the pizza delivery guy. Here, he gets into the lift. He gets off at the 3rd floor.

He goes and rings the door bell. The white girl opens the door. This is poor girl has no money to pay for the pizza. – Wait, wait! Why did she order pizza if she has no money. – Because it is not pizza that she wants.

What does she want then? Good morning, Chandoo. – There is nothing good about this morning. What do you mean? – Porn has been banned today. Even I was as shocked as you when I first heard.

Let’s go now. Where to? – Back to the present. Back to your clinic. Today is the day when you come to my clinic, right?

Then I should be in the clinic before you arrive. Now do you feel my pain, doctor? – I do. But there is nothing in our hands.

– My point exactly. There is nothing in my hands. Don’t cry, Chandoo. Wipe your tears. What a pity that I’m using a tissue only to wipe my tears. I can understand your pain, Chandoo.

But there is nothing we can do. So, I’d say, take it easy. – What! You want me to take it easy? Hey! Why are you raising your hand at me?

– Because there is nothing else I can do with it. If I’m to take it easy, why would I even take you to my past? And you ask me to take it easy? Are you even a doctor? Yes, I am! What?

36 missed calls? By the way, who is it that is calling you? – It is my girlfriend. Doctor, you have a girlfriend?

Had I known this, I wouldn’t have even come here. Is this why you asked me to take it easy? Than trusting someone like you it is better single men, like me, trust our hands. Good bye!

– Boy, wait up! Hey, wait.. I shouldn’t have gone into this past. Now, even I’ve got addicted to porn. Now what am I to do?

You made a video on porn? Is there nothing better you could’ve done? Give me your phone. – What for? I want to go through your browse history.

– I’m out of here. – Why are you so scared? Everyone watches porn. But for the sake of the society, everyone acts so decent.

These hypocrites are the reason porn got banned. If you want to take down such hypocrisy, like, share and subscribe. Also, hit that little bell thing there.

Line-of-business apps at Microsoft

  • June 15, 2019


We have migrated almost all of those to Azure using Azure PaaS and Serverless and Azure technologies. So this is a basic architecture that we kind of follow for order management and fulfillment applications that we have. We have lots of partners in our supply chain and they connect or we expose our end points through APIM in Azure. In APIM, we redirect the requests to the web app, and for load-balancing purposes we are using Azure Traffic Manager.

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So API app here is a web app, here also it’s just two different regions that it has deployed. Then once the message is with the API app, it gets into the storage and the service bus. Service bus just has the metadata and storage has the payload, and then the Function App comes into the processor, logic app or function app.

We switch between that based on the service requirement. The logic and function apps are just the processes. which will just do the processing of the messages.

>> So you have a bunch of CI in a bunch of different PaaS services. So what does that look like? >> So we have PaaS services, right? This is what it is.

These are all the components that it has. >> So what do your CI and CD pipelines look like on this? >> Yeah, I can go through that.

So for all of these components we have enabled Gated check in for all the developers to check in, only if the unit tests are working fine and the solution is building. On a daily basis, this is the daily build that we run. We have created it in VSTS. If I go to the edit here, we can see all the steps that are on here, StyleCop is just, style of coding that the developers are doing is all consistent and then Restoring NuGet Packages that the solution is using. Certificate, it’s interesting because we had to introduce it because of the CRUD scan so that we don’t have to check in the certificates and upload them to the build machines. So we started using PowerShell to use the basic reports string to create the certificates on the fly in the Build, and keep it in the drop folder, and we run unit tests on top of that, and create a drop folder in the build machine.

For the release to use all of those packages. This is for the Web App and this is for the Function App. We have two different Function apps and so that’s why you see two packages for the Function App and then we publish that drop folder. Once the daily Build is run, it’s every night that we have set it for, a release is triggered, based on the daily Build.

You see different environments here. So in Azure, we have three resource groups for each of the services that we are building. One is the CI, Continuous Integration, where daily builds are going and releasing.

They are in two different regions that we are using. That’s why you see these two. Then the other environment is UAT, where once the feature is built, test it, functional test, all of that is done. That’s where it goes to user acceptance testing, but there are approvals set for this. Somebody has to approve for the deployment to happen here.

Then obviously production, once user acceptance testing gets passed, we go to the production environment. So all of these are chained in our release pipeline. CI-WestUS is the first one that gets deployed. You can see, there are like 30 tasks. So what they are doing, it is a combination.

All of this release is a combination of running the PowerShell scripts or the deploy using the ARM Templates to do the deployment. So resource group, it is creating the resource. I can go in detail for all of these steps.

If somebody has any questions. But yeah, at a high-level, it is a Service Bus deployment. This is also interesting, once the Service Bus is getting created, we need to know the connection string and use it maybe to set up the functional tests and whatnot. So we can in VSTS release create a VSO variable at runtime which will actually have the connection string to that particular Service Bus.

So all of that can be enabled through the ARM Template. If you look into the ARM Template, we are using a VSTS task called Azure Resource Group Deployment. We are saying that this is the template that I have to use from that drop folder. These are the parameters for that particular template.

All of that, we have defined in our Checked-in solution. Then this is again the same task, but for the Event Hub. Then we are storing the Event Hub connection string.

Storage account and then the containers needs to be deployed in the Blob storage account that we are using. Then we also upload certain files to the Blob, Configuration files to the Blob, that step is there. So each step is well-separated out, and we keep on storing the connection strings or keys that we need for the functional tests to run. Cosmos DB or DocDb, we have the same step here. Then in Cosmos DB, we need to create a collection, so there is a PowerShell script that we have written for that.

Then we are also using Application Insights. So you’ll see those steps for that, that ARM deployment as well as the PowerShell script to get the variable out of it. The function App, there are two function apps, as I had said. So this is interesting, this is a tokenize with x-path regular exception. What it is doing is, once you have a config file, checked in to your solution with a very particular specific semantics, with underscore underscore, a VSO variable named underscore underscore, out-of-the-box tokenize method will just put in the values in that configuration. We are using Key Vault, so all those storage connections, strings, Service Bus connection strings are actually stored in the Key Vault.

So this is cool. Then Function App is the other function app that I was talking about. Yeah, and the Web App, which is getting deployed at the primary region. We are using the ARM Template and the PowerShell command to just update the config for the Web App. Then Upload Certificate, the build that had created the certificate, so this step will just upload them.

Then this is the functional test config, which, we are just using a PowerShell script to update the config file. Then we run the functional test using Visual Studio Test. So, once the function tests are passing, that means we are good with the CI Environment and the next environment, deployment starts.

>> So, I’ve got a couple of questions here. You mentioned CRUD Scan. Is that an external-internal tool? What is CRUD scan?

>> CRUD scan is internal. >> Okay. It’s an internal tool that I think we use to go check code that’s being checked in. >> Yes. >> Basically, to make sure that you’re not storing any secrets.

>> Any secrets or certificates, yes. >> I think it’s an org level kind of policy that every check-in you are making, it is making sure that you’re not basically checking any credentials over there. So, I think right now, in our organization, you create, you basically check-in something, that particular build is going to trigger saying its gonna check that credentials in your particular check-in for that particular code, right?

So, I think that’s basically a policy where organization-level wide policy right now in our organization, right? >> This is something that VSTS does. >> Yeah. >> That’s kind of nice.

I had a question for the three of you. So, you talked a bit about the ARM template deployments you’re using in this point are fairly narrow. You can have an ARM template that has everything under the sun in it. So, what have you found that are the pros and cons, the balances especially when you start to talk service fabric or data warehousing? What are the pros and what’s the balance that you found?

>> I can answer that. So, we started with that. We created the ARM Deployment Project in Visual Studio and we kept all our ARM templates in that. We had just one task in the VSTS release where just everything gets deployed with that ARM deployment.

But the problem with that was whenever there was a single failure with a particular component, we didn’t have much control through the release template. That’s where we took a decision why not try out in a separate ARM templates as tasks in the VSTS release. So, that just worked for us but if you have a very simple deployment, I would suggest the ARM Deployment Project and just have that one task, and it does everything.

That’s the best. If you don’t have to change your components frequently and you do not do very frequent deployments, then that’s the best. >> Okay. So, we’ve walked through the really. >> Yeah. I would just say that’s totally concur, what Heena said.

It’s always, we have been depending on the project size especially in data warehouse work. We want to bucketize stuff. So, we exactly want to know what stepped failed and why it failed. One of the additional thing is from a data warehouse point of view or a big data point of view, that something may not be available. So, again VSO allows you to write your own components and use them and then publish them org wide so then others can use them. So, that’s amazing feature which helps us leverage across all of Azure.

>> Do you want to show us some of your stuff now? >> Sure. So, I can showcase and talk about the data warehouse, the CI we have implemented in the data warehouse. So, this project is actually a SQL data warehouse and this basically shows you it’s not easy that to be green all the time.

So, you’ll see there are some of the task are orange, there are some of the task were each of these columns are depicting the environments, right? So, this is where the production deployment has happened, so you’ll see the all 4 green, but rest of the dates, only the integration is happening. So, some of the task might have failed, probably a unit test or two failed, and that basically is a good way to make sure that your code is completely in place or not. Are you with your check-ins? Are you breaking something or not, right?

So, as an engineering team, that keeps us honest. So, if I have to go open one of the release. >> I can imagine yours is the team that has, it’s not easy being green, Kermit the frog up on the wall somewhere. >> Yeah. So, we have three environments. Technically, if you look at, there’s one integration.

But you will see integration environment is in two parts, and there is a reason why we had to do that. Then we have the “EndUser” or we call that UAT, it’s a hybrid environment. We were able to cut down the number of environments with the ARM because of the CI efforts we have put in and then the production. Now, if you look at the integration environment part one, what it is doing is it actually deploying the entire data warehouse from scratch.

So, the steps of what we have here is we are taking the build once it is created after a code merge. “Azure Key Vault”, as Heena mentioned, all our secrets are in key vault, not really compromised by anyway so we fetch all the secrets from the key vault. Then if you look at this step is about procuring the SQL Azure. So, this is a true PaaS implementation where this environment doesn’t exist. It’s on the fly, we created, and after deploying and testing everything, we decommission it.

So, this way, we procure our hardware and then we copy the database from production. So, in a data warehouse, were one of the biggest challenges, how do we really be sure about whatever you have done is really working. Because you need prod equivalent data, right? But then you have a lot of compliances where you cannot copy data from production to pre-production environments.

Well, this is the answer where it doesn’t exist and no one has access to this environment, it’s only a service principle which has access. It creates the data. It creates the database, copies the database from production, and runs all the test cases.

Some of the important thing is out of the box, some things are not available. For example, most of us would know with their DACPAC deployment which is very, very powerful thing. could create a DIF and deploys it on top of the existing database and you cannot really get away with it. But then it has a limitation.

Let’s say if I have a column which gets renamed because of business reasons, the schema has changed, the DACPAC has a problem today or a gap today there. It actually thinks that there’s a existing column which was renamed or dropped. So, it drops that columns and creates the column again.

So then, your data is lost. So, there are a few steps we have taken care like renaming column before we actually go and deploy the DACPAC. We reuse PowerShell script to rename the column so that when the DACPAC deploys on top of it, you don’t lose data. Then there are a bunch of other things and scaling up this server.

So, when we copy the database, if in production, we’re running a premium two edition, we want to run our test cases faster. So, what we do, we actually scale it up using the Azure full capability in terms of making sure everything is run fast. So, we scale it up to a P4 or P6 scale, and after doing bunch of other operations, where we have a lot of encryption, decryption pipelines, all these things get deployed. Then finally, we run our Unit Test. So, Unit Tests are very, very important for any project and data warehouse world we have been always lagging behind.

So, this is an honest effort to have even Unit Test cases in place. So, by the time we run all this integration environment done with it’s all Unit Test cases, you are pretty sure that whatever code has been added is pretty much tested. Then obviously, we do Azure data factory deployment so all of our jobs are Azure data factory job from the porting data from one point to other point. If you look at, there is a reason we have forked it to part two. One of the core requirement for any platform is to make sure that your functional test cases are done. Now, the functional test cases in a data warehouse could be little tricky in terms of you may not be able to achieve hundred percent functional test case green, right?

As you have seen that if even one test case fails, you actually turn out to be orange. But the Unit Test case should be hundred percent, right? So, we wanted to make sure that any day, even if a one Unit Test Case fail, then we should get to know about it without really digging into it and going into it, so we kind of forked it. So, our functional test cases are under part of part two whereas the Unit Test cases are under part one. So, any day we have an orange on our very first environment, we know our UTs have failed so the developers actually jump in to fix it.

Whereas the functional test cases, sometime, there is a data discrepancy, source system probably has got refreshed by the time we deployed, so some of the test cases might still fail. But then you really know what is really going on and that’s why it is forked. As you see, at the end of it, we decommission the whole environment. So, this environment stays for about four to six hours, depending on how much data we have, and we are able to use CI to have a new environment built every day with the new code which we check in. >> So, having the environment only up for a limited amount of time with only a managed service identity having access gets you covered on all the security and release.

All of those things makes your recoveries at risk. >> Exactly. >> When you said you scale it up, so then do you do your essentially when you compare your regression analysis?

Is it just purely based on the prior runs? Because you can’t really necessarily then compare your test at UAT to production if your test environments are P4, your productions are P2. So, how do you resolve that as a purely based on past tests? >> So, that we have kept separate. The idea is how fast you can build the whole environment. So, the regression test or performance test is part of a separate operation itself.

So, we are in a DevOps model. So, we have one of the person who is a DRI or Directly Responsible Individual has a job to keep a good track on the performance and Azure provides a lot of performance indicators on its own. So, we try to cut down on custom implementations, we keep an eye on our performances on those areas. So, that’s how we not try to do a regression on using this whole process because by the way, probably I didn’t mention that we had a zero down downtime data warehouse system, which is very difficult to get into.

The reason we are able to do it again at the same way, our job is to make sure that we deploy faster than anyone can imagine from a customer point of view. So, we have not kept it, the performance indicators are not part of the whole thing, it is kind of a separate entity itself. >> So, you really just scale up to make sure that you can get that deployed as quickly as possible and kind of bring it back to you as it has been. >> And it’s very important when you talk about DevOps I see there are four pillars of it. The very first is the planning when you’re doing the coding, and the second is CI, third is CD, which we are talking about here and the last one is the monitoring. So, I think the concept of DevOps is that, it’s okay to fail, but it’s very important to recover from it because you fail fast, but you recover from that failure quickly.

I think that’s the beauty of DevOps. So, using all these technologies, using all these automation using VSTS we are able to achieve those things. >> That’s true. And so your team is doing service fabric. >> Yeah. >> So, what are the other things that you’d like to show that are different as far as when it comes to service fabric doing CI/CD.

>> Yeah, I think one year back our application was, it is still monolithic, but we are from the last one year we are kind of splitting those into smaller microservices today. So, as I was talking about it is very important to have to shorten your life cycle there right. If I simply ask you how much time it will take for you to get one piece of code changed to get it into production, I think that life cycle if we can reduce that, that would be what we want to achieve here as per DevOps methodology. So, let me show our CI build definitions, which we are using. So, we’re using Azure Service Fabric here, and this is our daily build definition. So, it’s pretty straightforward, you can see we are building the solution here and we are running our unit test here.

With every check-in basically we are making sure that you are not basically corrupting our source-code here. This is a very important step in the build definition when you are using Azure Service Fabric so it is basically creating a service package for you, which is basically a combination of code and configuration that you basically will use in your release definition to deploy into a particular cluster, right? These two tasks are important because if you see during our build we are using a flag called deterministic flag. This flag basically makes sure that whatever input you’re compiler is getting it is going to create the same output. So, if there is no change in your code, your binaries would be exactly the same as it was previously so that because later on we want to use this particular feature so that we should not deploy any service, which do not have any change, right.

So, because we don’t want to use resources there. So, you can see these two tasks are basically needed because pdb files are always getting changed whether you are using deterministic flag or not. So, we have to delete pdb files because that always get changed.

So, this is important for this particular step. In this particular step what exactly we are doing is we are updating the version of the Manifest, version of the services, which we want to deploy on a particular cluster. So, the idea is if there is no change there should not be any version incrementation there.

Right. So, this particular task is making sure that if you basically check mark this thing, it will make sure that you are only updating if there is a change, right. But for this task to run, this deterministic flag is very important here.

So, you know make sure that you’re using those things. And then there are some Fortify scans, which we run on our codebase to do some static code analysis. We are using a third party here, Fortify Servers, which basically scan all the code and give you the report that all the things are in a good session in good manner there.

And we also run CredScans during our daily builds and ultimately we copy our artifacts so that it can be picked up by the release definition and kick in the CD part. So, this completes the CI part and we have the package ready for our release definition pipeline. So, let me go towards release pipelines here. So, you can see we have a continuous deployment here enabled for this particular daily build. So, we have three environments as you know development environment and then you have UAT and then ultimately we go to production.

You can see it’s a very simple very low in number task like first what we do is we, as Heena and Naval was mentioning that we are using keyvault for storing our secrets. So, the only thing which we do in our services is to just print the particular certificate, thumbprint for a particular environment that’s what we do. That’s the only part which we need to do, rest it will basically fetch when the system services will run. This task is very important for our Service Fabric.

This task is basically deploying the packages which you have received in your build definition to a particular cluster. So, there is a field called Cluster Connection where you have to specify your cluster, where you want to deploy these services to. There are several ways that you can create these connections. So right now, we are using certificate-based connection here, but you can also use AAD authentication and SP, and all those things, you can use those connection also.

Then you have to just specify the Cloud publish profile in the application parameter and that’s it. You just basically, use that particular application package to deploy that particular services to your cluster itself. Then, you simply running our BVT against that particular services deployment, and then we send out the report notification that whether all the test pass or any failures are there or not. This last task is also very important. So every time you deploy something on our environment, we’re making sure that all the cloud resources, they are secure enough and they are basically following the organization policy from a security perspective.

So there is a task provided by VSTS team which basically scans a particular resource group and see if there is any security vulnerabilities in that particular resource or not. So you can see, I specify two resource groups here which basically has all my resources. The reason of having two resource group is that we want to keep the cluster-specific resources in one resource group and all the dependency. From dependency, what I mean is like if you’re using a Key Vault or you are using DocumentDB, those are my dependency which has the data.

So we kept it different so that in case, tomorrow, we want to purge the data, purge the cluster itself, we can do that without worrying about our dependency which is, in our case, is Key Vault or DocumentDB. So, that basically helps us doing the security scans for that Cloud resources. So this was all about have CI/CD pipelines for your Service Fabric capability, and it’s very useful. Because right now, whenever we go to production, it’s not a ceremony for us. I mean, one year back with the monolithic, it’s supposed to be like a ceremony for us.

We have to ask for a downtime saying, “Okay. We are deploying things here and it going to be down for two or three hours.” But now, with this microservices, there is zero downtime. With every release, it is like a rolling upgrade which do not have any downtime can be seen in those application itself.

>> So I’ve got a few questions for each of you then. That’s interesting, especially with Service Fabric, it’s built to be up all the time from the whole stuff. When you’re doing your delivery in your release into production, Heena for your application or for some of the data warehousing stuff, what is that level of? Is there a few seconds a few minute downtime? I mean, what does that mean for your world? >> There’s no downtime.

That is a staging environment where the bits will go. If the functional tests are passing, they will be promoted to the production environment in Azure. But if it fails, it doesn’t go to the production environment. >> Okay.

Well, schema changes are the things that people have to know about. >> Yeah. >> So what? >> So how we actually deal with this, we build a parallel environment while current environments these being accessed by the customers. The parallel environment is getting build.

So today, to our customer, we say it’s a zero downtime deployment. We still give a window of 15-minute to 30-minute where we say, there maybe an intermittent X issue because what we have to do is we have to once the deployment is over, we have to swipe it. So we are doing it for last one year. Till date, none of the customers has reported that their reporting got interrupted because we try to do it in those hours where probably no one is using. So technically, from those ways if you look at, we have zero downtime but the swipes still could take couple of minutes. >> Something that I’m interested.

I think it’s probably still helps if you have an agreement with the business and the other teams that, “Hey, on a daily basis or on a weekly basis, this daily or weekly recurring, this time slot, there might be an intermittent.” Just so that way, there is that planning because I think one of the biggest misnomers is DevOps means that there’s a fewer people I am doing things in DevOps. I’m like, “Oh, you can still plan.” So there’s still planning involved with everything that you do. They’re just releasing and building quite a bit more often.

>> Definitely for the production environment, yes. >> One of the other questions that came up, as well. Vikram, you were talking about your Service Fabric and how you could wipe out a cluster. So the reality is I’m curious how you using.

Is it if you’re going to wipe out the cluster, it better be all stateless services. So do you have stateful service and what are you doing for those? >> Yeah. That’s a great question. So, we do have stateful services.

Initially, when we thought of, we kept this resource group separately. But when we launched the stateful services, then we thought of, “Okay, we cannot purge the resource group itself because we have the state with the services right now.” So I think the approach which we are using right now is to take the dump out of it. In case if you want to purge the environment, we have a backup plan there so that we can restore all those transaction from that backup itself. >> Okay.

>> Moreover, in the recent Microsoft Build, we saw that the Service Fabric team is providing more backup options now, which are more fast. So you no more have to go for an external storage itself, you can use the storage for storing your all the connections back up. So I think with all those technologies, we still can achieve what do you want to like purge the environment and all those stuff.

>> So part of your deployment could be to move that off or back it up, and then wipe the cluster and build the cluster and move your transactions state back on. >> Yeah. >> Okay. Some of the other things that all three of you slightly mentioned was really about security in Key Vault.

So I know the Azure Key Vault has made a lot of changes in the last two years, especially within the last year with the Managed Service Identities and then a lot of the other build tasks making things easier. So, can you talk a little bit about what Key Vault security secrets management, what are the things to be aware of or what have you had to do in your environments and with your stuff? >> Yeah, I can talk about that. So earlier, we were using the app.config to keep the Key Vault connection strings and keys.

But we had to encrypt them with the certificate so that they are not visible. But with the current more tight security, we are using MSI option and it’s very straightforward. There was a little bit code change required for us to say that how to get that MSI. But apart from that, we don’t have to now use certificates just to encrypt those keys and keep it there. So that is one learning that we had.

>> Just to add on. This MSI feature is still not available in Azure Service Fabric. So if you’re using, to deploy Azure Service Fabric, you’re still kind of. I think that feature is coming in. But right now, what we are doing is we are storing the thumbprint of the certificate. So we are not storing any secrets in our definitions.

But yeah, clusters should have their certificate installed in the cluster itself, and then it will take care of everything. So we are still safe, we are not storing any secrets in our release definition, we are not storing any secret in our code base. But yeah, I think in the future, they have those features coming up in the roadmap for support for Azure Service Fabric. >> Okay, that will just make it easier.

>> So just to add, yeah, but we use the same way in fact to make it more secure. So today, if we look at from VSTS point of view, from the release variable point of view, we use service principles to install everything. So there is, VSTS still has a limitation where it still depends on a key instead of a cert.

Though, it’s pretty secure, but my team have been trying to look into how do they really get rid of that kind of dependency with respect and not to have those keys because those keys are mostly valid for a year or two. So that’s the only area where probably things could change in coming days. But as of now, if you look at from end-to-end, all our secrets and passwords are securing Key Vault without even the engineers having access to it. >> Another question I had because a couple of you talked through your different environments of the nightly and the UAT and prod and pre-prod. What is your gating and branching strategy look like for your apps? What is that side of this?

>> For us, every developer has a local branch that they can publish to the server and when they think that they want to keep their code safe. But once they are ready with their code, all the unit tests, at least one happy path unit test and functional test is there, and that’s the minimum thing that we ask all the developers to follow. Then, they can try to merge with the main branch which we call as develop branch. That’s where the gated check in build gets triggered, and they will be able to check in only if the solution is getting built and the unit test are passing so that we have the sanity of the code which is in develop branch. So that’s the branching strategy. >> When Dev is develop then, when do things go develop from develop to main or is that?

>> Yes. Once a feature is built, that’s where we want it to go to production. >> Okay. >> That’s where there are checks about the functional tests and unit tests being complete.

They are not automated yet, but at least the test automation is there. But somebody has to see that all the test cases are covered like the functional tests especially. Once they are there, that’s where we push to the master branch from the develop branch. Master branch is the one which gets deployed in all the environments. >> Okay. So essentially, you have local devs on the branches going to the develop, which is your integration point for all the devs, that should be building every night.

So every night, that’s building to make sure nobody is breaking everybody else’s stuff. Then from time to time, when the business and the engineering team deems it appropriate, then you will essentially use Release Management to move that off to production. >> Yes, from developer’s perspective, we take care of the functional test covering everything. But obviously, the UAT, as user acceptance testing, where user has to say, “Okay, yeah. I’m good.” I mean, that is where we are just involved if there are any issues.

Mostly our PMs are interacting with the partners or if there are internal teams and making sure that everything is passing and doing functionally, and that’s then we approve the production deployment after that. >> I think when we talk about DevOps philosophy, there is nothing called production. I mean, every code which you are checking in should be a production-ready code. So, for us, it’s like when we do a feature development, we create a feature in branch and everybody start working on that. Eventually, whenever somebody wants to check in, so it has to be merged with master with all the sanity checks. You’re done with the unit test, you’re not checking in any credentials there.

So, all those minimum level checks are there while you’re checking in into the master. So, I think this is very important because it’s about changing the mindset. I mean, think of while you’re checking in, you’re checking into production right away, because you have the automation build pipelines with you and you’re going to snap it into the production right away.

So, I think this is very important that with all these automations, with all these tools, VSTS and everything, we want to achieve that, so that there is a continuous delivery of value to the end users. >> So your team is, you’re the developers and service rapid staff, are committing right into a particular feature branch, which that is actually building and deploying to some sort of environment on a nightly basis. Then, when do you make the call that your feature branch gets merged with master and what does that look like for you guys? >> Yeah. So, I think we have gated release pipelines.

So, we run our functional test- unit test, and we also see if there is no exceptions in our system while moving from one environment to another environment. We have gates for that like if you found any exceptions of a particular type for within a period of time, we’re going to block that particular environment transition to another environment. So, those feature are there in VSTS, we are leveraging those features, so that ultimately, the code which is getting merged and built on a particular environment is all good enough to go into production. Moreover, with these automation builds, we are getting a very rapid feedback from our stakeholders also. So, we have two weeks of sprint, and every sprint, we have a review with our stakeholders and they provide quick feedbacks to us, so that we can quickly apply those feedbacks using these automation.

Because imagine if we don’t have these release pipelines, we cannot achieve those things right away. So, this is very important while getting into the DevOps methodology here. >> Yeah.

So one of the other things that I didn’t mention that we haven’t really talked about is just the fact here, for all of our line of business applications, we all live in the same project, in the same VSTS instance. So that means, any of us that are checking in code, can go search everybody else’s Git repository to go find acceleration, I think, one of the other important things. So that means that all the thousands of engineers, in core services that are developing line of business apps, can see each other’s code, can go fix, we can go run scans, we can go look at and say, “Who are the teams that are doing Service Fabric by doing a code search,” and go learn from those teams.

But I think one of the other really important things there, in our VSTS instance for example, we have some federal level; you have to do this, there’s no exceptions. Then, there are state and city level. So, each of the applications or cities, they have autonomy. But at the federal level, we’ve said, “Hey, everybody is going to live in the same project I am sure on the screens, you’ve seen that little moniker One ITVSO.” At the federal level, we’ve set up iterations in a default two week cadence, across to everyone. So essentially, our federal level, you can’t go around this everybody has to use Git.

The two week sprints are set up for everyone. If for some reason the team needs larger than two week sprints, they’re free to change that but two weeks are set up for everyone. Then, the people that want our VSTS stuff are really good about let’s go run credential scans, lets go runs scans looking for secrets, let’s go look for other stuff on every single build that runs to our system. I think today, I’m pretty sure there are, I don’t know how many Git repositories there are, but I know we do over a 1,000 releases all the way through pipelines today, and we do over a 1,000 builds per day, and now it’s all completely automated. So, I want to get back to what is your branching strategy look like for the data warehousing stuff? What are they, if there any unique stuff in there.

>> It’s more or less on the same lines. The only variation we have is since we don’t have too many pre-production environments, we just have one hybrid environment which we expose to the end user customers. We do not have a develop branch.

So, as an engineer, every sprint I branch out from master, work on my story. As Heena mentioned, we have gated check in, you have the moment you create a pull request, the CI build will file and everything is getting checked if the build is compiling everything or not. The reviewers who are going to review, they actually, intentionally look for a couple of things. How we cover the unit test and the functional test scenarios apart from code reviewing code, that’s in our behavior now. So, in case if we don’t find the UTs or the functional test cases that covering the code is being written, we reject it.

>> Are you talking about the pull request of feature in VSTS? >> Yeah. I’m talking about the pull request as we are doing the gated check in thing. Then, once everything is approved, it gets merged with the master.

Once it is in master, every second week, which is every sprint, we deploy in our pre-production UAT environment, hybrid environment, which is open for our product owners and even the end users, to go and test. So, that way we have tried to keep it very lean. Everyone knows how to branch out and merge it back, and what it means when you merge it back, it means it’s going to go in UAT. >> So essentially you have, instead of things deploying to production on a nightly basis, you essentially everybody knows, “Hey, at the end of every two weeks, the UAT environment is going to be updated, and whatever the prior UAT environment may be rolling to production at some point.”

I told myself I wouldn’t have any notifications up and then one popped up. Great. Thanks, I’m glad we’re up on this.

So, one of the other questions that I wanted to ask, as far as VSTS itself. Heena, you talked a little bit about the tokenization. What are some of the other things that VSTS has released in the say last year where maybe it’s changed, what you’ve done, maybe it’s made things easier or for somebody else that’s going down this path? Maybe a little bit of learning here and there will help them. >> I think I can talk about one of the things. Let me show you that recently in the released pipeline, they came up with something called Gates.

Gate is basically, as Heena was mentioning, you can have pre-deployment of tools which are basically manual approvals. You can assign somebody who can approve. He basically will check the sanity of your artifacts and then allow you to deploy those particular artifacts on a particular environment. Plus, there are some features which is called Gates. They recently introduced these feature in the VSTS. So, right now we are using one of the Gate called “Monitoring alerts”.

Basically, what we are trying to say here is that after UAT environment is done, and if I’m seeing no issues in my App Insights, which is my telemetry, there is no issues, it will check like 15 minutes interval. If everything looks good, it’s going to say, okay, I’m good to deploy into my next environment. So, these are like one of the Gate but there are several types of Gates here. You can also use an external API. For example, in the Build, they were giving example like imagine you have your product owners and they usually have to give you a go that you are good to go to the production. So, they were using DocuSign for that.

So once BO basically sign your particular release, it’s going to call that API whether that is being approved or not and then basically you start deploying on the production environment for that. So, these features are very useful in some scenarios. This was the feature recently VSTS have provided in the released definition itself. This is also a very useful feature, you can apply on your release pipelines here. >> Then, I think one of the other things that I wanted to touch on briefly is how each of the teams, Heena I think that part of the Build talk, spoke about this, who are the target audience for Application Insights and who is the target audience for Azure Login Analytics OMS for your app?

So, how do you distinguish who your consumers are for those? >> For Application Insights, it’s mostly the reports that we create for the business people, as well as the developers. The DRI who’ll look into that. So, it’s solving two purposes. How?

Because the telemetry app that we have, it publishes all the data, not just the infrastructure related but also the business data related. All of that gets into the custom dimensions of Application Insights with every stage that we are passing through in our code. As a DRI, I can come and write queries on top of Application Insights and say, “Okay, I am interested in this particular order ID, or delivery order ID, purchase order ID,” and I can get the data. Because whenever a business comes back to us or a DRI or an incident has raised, it’s always based on I have a unique business ID, purchase order ID. I want to know what happened to this one.

Right? Or the other way, it can be there was an error and we got an alert. So, in that error itself, we would log those unique IDs to be able to query those efficiently in Application Insights.

Also that Application Insights data is used to create reports for the business side of things. So they can actually see how many orders came into our system per day or per hour. They have all those options. >> So, App Insights is really for the business and then your DRI, Direct Responsible Individuals. Then Log Analytics is really used for the operations side of the DevOps teams to go figure out whats.

Is that fairly similar for everyone? >> Yes. I think the point here is to do the proactiveness here. Instead of the customer is telling you that I’m facing a problem, I think when you are in DevOps you need to proactively look into those insights and see to figure out if he’s facing that problem let’s fix that. So, these things are really useful when you are doing research on that particular stuff.

>> Just the variance for data warehouse kind of project, the App Insights is not a default choice. There’s not too much of logging you can do with App Insights. So, most of the time, if you’re on Azure PaaS or any of the other Azure offerings for the Big Data, you get a lot of logging available through the portal.

Obviously, you can kind of plug it with your Power BI as well. But it’s still being a warehouse system you want to know how your queries are performing from one stage to other stage. Some of the things out-of-the-box available with SQL, where it gives a performance counter and you still get to know.

But as an engineering team, you want to know how much time each of these code pieces or code blocks are taking for you. So, we do custom logging for that. But kind of we have an internal tool which is called Unified Telemetry for our IT organization which provides you, which basically ports whole this logging data to App Insights and through which we kind of get to know about it.

So for us it’s a little twist but we still use App Insights through migrating those logs to App Insights. >> Are there any other things that besides tokenizers and how we use App Insights, are there any other things that if you were talking to somebody today and they said, “Hey, we’re looking at Azure or we want to start going down the Azure path,” and they’re starting to look at setting up CI/CD. They’re starting to look at doing everything. What kinds of tips would you give somebody that’s about to embark down the same path that your teams have just gone down? >> I would say it’s not easy to on-board.

It’s going to take a lot in terms of what you want to do with all these implementations. But then it’s worth every penny in terms of whatever you’re putting. It’s going to give you a lot of return later on once you have it. Because a lot of these are repetitive processes which are very important to make sure your quality of the product is taken care of. So, I would say initially if you could plan carefully what you need to do, design it, it’s going to pay you off big time.

So I would say definitely look out for these opportunities from modern engineering implementation point of view. I have seen Visual Studio team system has been adding more and more of these features. Anything you are using new in Azure or Cloud computing, there’s a lot of out-of-the-box support is coming in.

So it becomes very easy for you to kind of on-board to those and be very productive. >> Just to add on what Naval said, most of the developers think when you talk about VSTS, you’re talking about Microsoft technologies only, right? But it’s not the case. VSTS supports like all the open source. We are using Angular Applications today and I was amazed to see all those tasks which are in- Build in VSTS which we can use to build all these for our applications. Moreover, you can create your own tasks.

If you have your own custom things to do, you can always do in a VSTS. So, I think this tool is very much into forming your journey toward the box. >> Yeah. I know one of the teams that I’ve just been talking to that will have a blog post on the main Azure blog soon is they’re doing Linux VMs. So they’re using containers Kubernetes with Linux right now and they’re actually switching over to the Azure Kubernetes service with Linux. So, even though we’re Microsoft, we still use quite a bit of Linux and Open Source internally.

Heena, is there anything that you’d add? >> Yes, same thing. There are tons of options. So we have to do some hit and trials. In fact, in our organization, I’m working on only in order management and fulfillment space.

But we do have return space as well as planning. All these spaces have actually different kind of solutions, Azure components that we are using. We learn from each other and we say, “Oh, you know what, this works the best. Or this is the design pattern that we should follow as an organization.”

We standardize it then. So, they will be learning. On top of that, I’ve observed that almost daily, if not daily or every six months, there is something new coming up in Azure and we always make sure that we are trying those things out and keep it in our path for future considerations of how we can use their capabilities in our solutions. So there is a team who, not team but there are a few dedicated people who are actually does those kind of POCs in Azure and they kind of give a knowledge transfer or POCs session to others. So that’s how we learn about those and we start incorporating in our new designs as and when they are available. >> It was amazing to see that the VSTS and Azure teams are working hands on hands.

>> Yeah. >> Whenever you have feature available in Azure and you see all of those availabilities are there in VSTS to kind of get into the CI/CD pipelines altogether and see the beauty of that Azure resource right away. So I think that’s very great. >> Awesome. I know we sent out a link during this webcast Naval to a blog post that you wrote on modern data warehousing with continuous integration. The audience has that.

Please go take a look at that especially if you’re looking around the data stuff. So we’re at the end of our time. Thanks everyone.

Well, we already talked about key takeaways, so thanks for sharing those. I think the general consensus is completely worth the time. It’s worth not deploying from your laptop and having to deal with that. It also covers your compliance and security and those everything. >> Do the best of what you do.

Building the Ultimate Sleeper Gaming PC

  • April 1, 2019

– Hey guys, this is Austin. And today, we’re building the ultimate sleeper gaming PC, and it’s all thanks to our friends at Intel for sponsoring this madness. The rules are very simple.

We have today, which right now it is 10:40 a.m., to build an entire sleeper gaming PC. And what does that mean? Well first of all, we want to find the oldest, the most beige retro-looking chassis we can, and load it up with some properly high-end stuff.

We’re talking a ninth gen core i7, high-end graphics, Optane memory, the entire deal. The main idea here is that we have to have an overkill gaming PC that looks like it’s something from 1999, right? I don’t want from the outside– There’s no RGB, there’s no huge exhausts, or anything like that. This should look like some old Windows XP system, but inside it can handle all the latest games, editing, whatever we want to actually throw at it. We may want to go for an ITX supply, but until we find the case I don’t wanna commit to that, because ITX supplies are more expensive than generally not. Yeah, well actually this one’s not so bad.

So we’ve got– Oh, it’s got wifi built-in, as well as we can– Oh, does it have Optane though? It does support Optane, okay, excellent. Let’s go ITX. I’ve got the smallest cooler I can find. Lets get our core i7 and lets get our Optane.

I’m just afraid that 1050’s not gonna be enough power. We need this to be awesome, but it’s so hard to pick. Unless we were able to find a properly big, old case. If we do, I don’t think it’ll be a problem, but I’m just so nervous. I don’t wanna commit to something. I want it as small as possible.

What if we get a low-profile card, and that’s our backup, but we try to put the RTX 2080 TI in. – [Ken] Yeah. – So, that was mostly successful. The main thing I’m worried about right now is that we still don’t have a case.

There were a couple in there that looked okay, but for the most part, they all looked way too modern. The star of the show here though is definitely the i7 9700K. It’s a ninth generation Intel processor. It is a full eight core chip, and on top of that, it is over clockable. Now, depending on the case and everything else we choose, I’m not so sure how much we can actually over clock it.

But the whole idea here is that I wanna have a system which looks old and retro and lame on the outside, but can handle the latest games, video editing, streaming, whatever. Now we just have to find the case, and actually build it. Hey how’s it going? I’ve got a little bit of a weird one.

I’m looking for an older system, preferably one of the old beige towers. I’m mostly just needing it for the case, it doesn’t actually have to be working. Would you happen to have anything like that? Is this gonna be a problem?

Do you think we’re actually gonna have a real hard time finding these old systems? ‘Cause he’s right, most people just recycle them at this point. – Yeah, I mean, no one really wants them. – You wouldn’t happen to have any older desktop towers, preferably something beige?

Dude, its one o’clock. We need to have time to get back to the office, and build this. If we don’t get something in the next hour, we’re screwed. There’s no way. – We’ll be right over then.

Alright, talk to you later. No problem. – Okay, that sounded promising. – So, I told him what we needed.

He’s just gonna give us the case. It might have some parts in it, but I think he might just give us one with just the case, nothing else. – Oh, that’s perfect.

– Yeah. – Success. So Ken pulled this one out. We were able to find a computer shop, with what I think is the perfect case. So it’s nicely beige. Up front you can see it’s got originally an Intel Celeron, got the old school power button, even got a CD drive.

Now we just have to actually build this thing. But this, I mean look at this. Imagine walking up, seeing this system, and inside you’ve got a full 2080 TI, a core i7.

Ah, man, I really did not think we were gonna pull this one out. I really thought that we had bitten off more than we could chew. And so with that we have everything we need to build the ultimate over kill sleeper gaming PC, which is a little bit of a mouth full.

But now that I have a super cool wardrobe change, I think I’m ready. Come on, how can I not wear this? It literally just showed up. Microsoft sent over a windows, ugly sweater. So I really don’t know how old the system is.

If I was to take a guess, I would say probably early 2000’s, but the important thing is, is that it has essentially everything we need, or at least I hope so. As sad as it is to say, I think it’s time to pull the motherboard out and upgrade it with something just a little bit more modern. The first thing we can remove is our modem, which I don’t think we’ll be needing any dial-up anytime soon.

So with that, we have our motherboard. Damn, things have come a long way. Oh, front panel. This is gonna look hilarious with a 2080 TI. This old system, and our i7 on this tiny little motherboard.

That looks a little interesting, but we will make it work. The important thing is that it does mount up to our current spots. Look at that. Is this actually going to work? Did I decide not to do a terrible idea?

So, with our processor installed, our cooler on here, our Intel Optane memory, as well as our RAM. We’re ready to see if this actually fits, although it should be fine. So with that, a big chunk of our build is actually already ready. We have the motherboard, the core i7, pretty much everything we need for the main components.

Now we need to figure out how to put in our graphics card, our hard drive, our power supply. This is not a crazy, high-end unit or anything, but it should give us enough power, and importantly, it is semi-modular, which should be helpful because cables might be a little tricky in this case. All right, three power supply screws should be enough to keep that in place.

I do see a problem in that the back doesn’t quite match the front, but as soon as we put the side panel on, I don’t think anyone will be able to notice. Excellent, all right. Now, we’ve made some progress.

So that looks pretty close, we still need to install the hard drive, but I actually think it’s safe to say now, this is going to work. Now, where are we going to put this? I believe that’s a 3.5″ drive bay.

Oh, yeah. No problem, right like that. So with this, the ultimate sleeper PC, hopefully is ready to go.

Fingers crossed. Oh, oh. ‘kay, I see fans spinning, graphics card spinning, it’s making noises. ‘kay.

Not a great sign. We’ll be right back after a quick BIOS update of our motherboard. (mellow house music) So, after a little bit of updating, and downloading, and installing, the ultimate sleeper PC lives. And I can’t tell you how happy I am with this build.

I mean, just look at it. I will admit, I may have slightly misplaced the core i7 sticker. So to run you guys through the build, inside we’ve got proper components. We’ve got that core i7 9700k, full eight cores over clockable, the whole deal. We also have an Nvidia RTX 2080 TI, and that’s all inside this chassis, which will be a little bit of a surprise for most people, I expect.

Oh, yeah. So we even got the case speaker to work. So, it’s wired up to the motherboard here, so if you ever have a problem with your super cool PC, you’ll get some helpful beeps, just like 2001 intended. The crazy part of this build is that everything works exactly like you would expect. The power button works, that speaker works, the LEDs work for the hard drive.

I mean the only thing that we don’t have fully up and running is the CD drive, because I don’t have an adapter to make it work. But I mean, I’m really surprised what we were able to find in just a few hours, and actually make it work. The fact that we’re getting this kind of performance out of a PC that looks like this, is awesome. I mean, look, we’re maxing out our 1080P monitor at 185 frames per second, and that’s full ultra settings and everything.

It’s so smooth. I love the idea that we were able to build something that from the outside looks so old-school, and so retro but on the inside, has all the power to game, all the power to stream. We can video edit, I mean, there’s literally almost nothing we can’t do with this PC. It has the power for pretty much anything we throw at it, but the looks from straight out of 2001 (laughs) Ah! No. So that my friends, is the ultimate sleeper gaming PC.

We’ve got all the performance and all the nice conveniences of a modern system, but as soon as we slide the side panel on from the outside, no one needs to know this is not a windows XP 2001 gaming box that has been sitting in someone’s grandma’s basement for 20 years. Anyway, huge shout-out to Intel for sponsoring this crazy project. If you guys want, check out the core i7, or some of the other parts I included in this build. The links will be in the description.

– [Ken] Hey Austin, will you put that 92 millimeter fan that you didn’t add in in the description? – Cooling’s important, kids.

Misheard Video Games

  • March 26, 2019

Throughout my life, I’ve always sort of been hard of hearing, in a sense that I often ask people to repeat themselves. It’s not that they were too quiet, it’s just sometimes I can’t grasp what they are saying. Now that may sound odd, but on a grander scale, this concept is something that happens every day to a lot of people. Sometimes people even mishear spoken the word as something else, and it can usually be both frustrating, and funny. This concept was actually coined as a term called a mondegreen by Sylvia Wright since it was derived from someone misunderstanding the phrase “laid him on the green” as Lady Mondegreen.

Phonetically they are both pretty similar, and I’ve experienced this same phenomenon several times myself. All my life I always misheard the song by the group Til Tuesday, as “this is scary, or even, Misses Carey.” Obviously, the song is called Voices Carry, but if you never looked it up or knew who sang it, you really had no way to check. But, music wasn’t the only thing that this occurred in… And for me, games were way more prolific. Where to start? Well, since Nintendo 64 had quite a lot of them, we might as well tackle that first.

Mario 64 probably has some of the most memorable mishearings that I can recall. But, that’s an issue in itself. Remembering them is the hard part because they don’t really stick out like sore thumbs when you try to comb through your thoughts.

It pretty much means that you have had to hear the phrase again to remember what was so odd about it. Anyways, back on the topic of Mario 64, the final fight with Bowser held probably one of the most recognized mishearings in any game. And that is when you’re tossing Bowser around like a rag doll. (Audio Clip) Uhhhh…..

So long gay bowser? Or was that so long king bowser?

Maybe? Well, the truth is, as a kid I somehow heard So Long Gay Mountain! Don’t ask me how, but I did. And honestly, I still can’t understand what he is saying. The same goes for when you jump into a painting. (Audio Clip) You have some people who hear Let’s pickle!

Let’s tickle? Or even just him flat out saying “Meeeexxxxico!” Now, to my understanding, he is supposed to be saying “Let’s -a – go” but it’s pretty comical to see what other people believed he was saying when they were younger. Now Mario 64, of course, is not the only case of this. There’s the Jawans in Super Star Wars who sound like they’re saying Houdini every time you shoot them, and then there’s also Jill in Marvel vs Capcom 2 – who I always thought was saying that she had SARS, the virus-like, it was some kind of exclusive club.

I hadn’t played any resident evil games at this point, so I really had nothing to go off of, nor did I know anything about SARS except that it was a virus. On the topic of fighters though, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters for the SNES had quite a lot of mishearings too. Starting off, I always thought the Menu said Turtle Wombat or Total Wombat. On top of that, many player attacks just didn’t make sense. I realize some may have still been in Japanese, but for example, when Leonardo would use his projectile attack it sounds like he is saying hyyyying tung, but I think it’s supposed to be Shinning Cutter?

Chrome Dome’s moves were really echoey too, and I never had any idea what they were saying, especially in combination with the background music. Overall though, there were just a lot of games that had plenty of mondegreens for me when I was younger. With that said, I’m going to jump through a couple quickly to see if anyone else had similar experiences. Ready? Here we go!

In Diddy Kong Racing during the character selection, I always heard the mouse say “I’m tipsy” as if they were drunk. Drumsticks audio was beyond the scope of what my mind could handle, and I’ll just leave it at that. In Star Fox 64, there was plenty of awkward dialogue, but I think most people got hung up on the following sound clip: (Audio Clip) Was that gridlock, report, or good luck? Anyone who has played Guilty Gear probably can’t get over the fact that Ky Kiske just says coconut over and over again.

(Audio Clip) I always laughed at this, even though I knew it was just a different language. In Mario Kart 64, I had one of my friends tell me that they often heard Peach saying “bean dip” – which is absolutely fantastic, especially since she was supposed to be saying bingo. With the in-game sounds and music playing, I can see how this could happen. On a separate note, could Peach sound any more unenthused? I feel like she about falls asleep at the wheel.

In Vigilante 8, I swear I pretty much misheard this entire game. (Audio Clip) Ready to warm without a sprew? Something about a silver spoon?

I have no idea. Then there’s these two: (Audio Clips) Obviously I can look up what they are saying now, but that ruins the fun! In Super Smash Bros Melee, I swear that I hear Captain Falcon say “Jerks” when he does his UP B recovery. My younger brother does as well, and this one is simply baffling to me since everyone else clearly hears “Yes!” and… I really have no idea why either. But the thing is, all of these examples in this video are only the tip of the iceberg. I honestly just can’t remember how many times I misheard things in games because to me, the memory isn’t odd and it doesn’t stick out.

It was just a normal experience and I simply kept on playing. Keep in mind that TV quality, video game background music, and the general muffled sound was what made most of this happen. Obviously, if the sound was isolated and played back repeatedly over time, I may have figured it out. But because I didn’t have that luxury, I just pressed on through whatever nonsense I thought I was hearing. Looking back at it now though, it still brings a smile to my face as I remember all these voice clips. I’m sure I’ll remember more as time goes on too, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear your own stories about things you simply misheard in games.

It’s quite an interesting topic and typically leads to some funny stories, so please share your thoughts in the comments below.

The best all-around gaming laptops of 2018

  • February 22, 2019

The state of gaming laptops in 2018 is unlike anything we’ve seen before. With PC manufacturers cranking out systems that are lighter, thinner, and have better battery life than previous generations, plus they’re moving away from flashy, gaudy designs that we’ve come to associate with gaming gear, instead producing systems that are more suitable for use in places like work. In terms of specs and power, all of these machines are using the same processor, Intel’s eighth generation Core i7 six-core chip, and similar graphics cards. Two years ago, laptops with this much power would weigh more than eight pounds, have awful design, and had singular purpose, but now they’re under five pounds, as thin as a MacBook Pro, and can last for hours on a charge.

These are the closest systems we’ve seen to straddling the line between gaming performance and productivity, and the Razer Blade is the most regular-looking of the gaming laptops in this group. It has a unibody aluminum design and up to a 144 Hz refresh rate on a full HD display. If you plan on playing games on this computer, I would suggest a high refresh rate. It’s a no-brainer, but if you’re a creative and you want a 4K touchscreen option, Razer offers that as well, and you can use the GPU for that instead. Regardless of which display you choose, the Razer Blade has thin bezels that are suitable for viewing at all angles, and it also keeps the webcam in the right place.

The new Razer Blade is fully capable of playing popular PC games at their highest settings, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and yes, even Destiny 2. The drawback is that it’s expensive. As configured, this unit has a GTX 1070 and a 512 GB solid-state drive for $2600.

However, my main issue with the Razer Blade is that it just gets too hot, under heavy strain. The top row of the keyboard, the palm rests, and underneath the laptop just become unbearable to touch. You can manually increase or decrease fan speed and noise using the Razer Synapse app, but that’s all at the benefit or deficit of the graphics card. Honestly, all that fiddling around for a laptop that’s over $2000 is just unacceptable. Also the keyboard and key caps are tiny.

Despite it’s shortcomings, Razer still has one of the best gaming laptops out there. You can still get around five to six hours of battery life on a single charge, while browsing the web or watching a video. It’s not great by Ultrabook standards, but for a gaming laptop of this performance, it’s acceptable. (upbeat music) The other new gaming laptop that I really like is MSI’s GS65 Stealth Thin. Yes, that’s the full name, but it’s the thinnest and lightest of the laptops in this group, most similar to a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

It also has a six-core Core i7, a GTX 1070 with Max-Q design, a downclocked version of the original card for thermals, and better port selection than the Blade. There’s also a SteelSeries RGB-backlit keyboard with wide, shallow keys that I personally found the most comfortable of the laptops I’ve tested in this category. The MSI does a great job of thermals, shifting hot air away from the keyboard and the palms rests. On top of that, the GS65 is a few hundred dollars less than the similarly equipped Razer Blade, while not giving up anything in terms of performance or capability. Aesthetically, the MSI takes an even more mature approach to gaming laptop design with no obnoxious light up logos. Unfortunately, the build quality isn’t that good, with flex in the keyboard, touch pad, and even the lid.

The ASUS Zephyrus M, Digital Storm Equinox, and the Gigabyte Aero 15X are all capable of playing games at high or ultra settings, also have 144 Hz, full HD displays, and six-core processors, but of the three, I’d only recommend the ASUS, which has the best cooling of the systems here. When you lift the lid, a mechanism opens the bottom plate. ASUS calls this Active Aerodynamic System, complete with red lighting if it’s plugged in.

The Zephyrus M can drive a full mobile GTX 1070 instead of the downclocked Max-Q versions in the Blade and the MSI. The MSI and the Razer are my favorite laptops here because they’re thin and light, they have solid performance, and honestly they’re the better looking of the bunch. Still it’s baffling in 2018 that laptops over $2000 don’t have fingerprint-based login or Windows Hello support via facial recognition. Still, it’s becoming obvious to PC manufacturers that gaming laptops are in fact laptops and not one-trick ponies. Hey, thanks for watching. Let me know what your favorite gaming laptop was in the comments below or if you didn’t have a favorite at all, and be sure to subscribe to the Verge Science YouTube channel.

They’ve got some awesome videos over there.

Top 10 EVIL Endings in Video Games!

  • February 22, 2019

So, a very evil spoiler alert in now in effect.  NUMBER 10: Menendez Triumphs — “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”  NUMBER 10: Menendez Triumphs — “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”  SECTION: Why?  SECTION: Why?  MENENDEZ: Your military is crippled.  MENENDEZ: Your military is crippled. You cannot stop us now.

You cannot stop us now.  While it’s far more revered for its online multiplayer,  While it’s far more revered for its online multiplayer, the single-player narratives across the “Call of Duty” franchise the single-player narratives across the “Call of Duty” franchise do have the occasional gems. do have the occasional gems.

Case in point: when things all go to Hell should you screw up two possible variants. Case in point: when things all go to Hell should you screw up two possible variants. The first occurs if the player fails to save the hacker Karma; The first occurs if the player fails to save the hacker Karma; if that happens, antagonist Raul Menendez ends up brutally killing her, if that happens, antagonist Raul Menendez ends up brutally killing her, leading to a virus wiping out the U.S.’s power stations.

leading to a virus wiping out the U.S.’s power stations.  CIA NERD: I spent the last year trying to crack this sod.  CIA NERD: I spent the last year trying to crack this sod. Best thing I can do right now is…leggit back to England. Best thing I can do right now is…leggit back to England.  The second occurs should you decide  The second occurs should you decide to put Menendez down yourself, which leads to global anarchy, to put Menendez down yourself, which leads to global anarchy, so you might want to watch that trigger finger of yours.

so you might want to watch that trigger finger of yours.  NUMBER 9: Great Power, No Responsibility — “Spider-Man: Web of Shadows”  NUMBER 9: Great Power, No Responsibility — “Spider-Man: Web of Shadows”  SPIDER-MAN: These two were more than willing to oblige.  SPIDER-MAN: These two were more than willing to oblige.  LUKE CAGE: What? You knew this whole turf war was a set-up?!  LUKE CAGE: What?

You knew this whole turf war was a set-up?!  Be honest. We all think that Spidey’s black suit is bad-ass.  Be honest.

We all think that Spidey’s black suit is bad-ass. Unfortunately, it comes with the slight drawback of having it Unfortunately, it comes with the slight drawback of having it turn you into something of a narcissistic A-hole. turn you into something of a narcissistic A-hole. Should players decide to give in to this inner darkness on every given occasion, Should players decide to give in to this inner darkness on every given occasion, our not-so-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ends up becoming our not-so-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ends up becoming the ruler of New York City infested with symbiotes. the ruler of New York City infested with symbiotes.  Yeah, you may have ended up isolating your friends,  Yeah, you may have ended up isolated your friends, Mary Jane now hates you, and you actually ended up killing Venom; Mary Jane now hates you, and you actually ended up killing Venom; but look on the bright side.

You have a symbiote Black Cat for a queen. Sweet! but look on the bright side. You have a symbiote Black Cat for a queen. Sweet!

BLACK CAT: Well, darling, I promised you this city…and it’s yours!  BLACK CAT: Well, darling, I promised you this city…and it’s yours!  NUMBER 8: The Definition of Insanity — “Far Cry 3”  NUMBER 8: The Definition of Insanity — “Far Cry 3”  VAAS: Are you enjoying my sister’s company? Huh?  VAAS: Are you enjoying my sister’s company?

Huh? She’s gonna make a warrior out of you? She’s gonna make a warrior out of you?  Well, you’ve done it–as Jason Brody,  Well, you’ve done it–as Jason Brody, you’ve gunned your way all through Rook Island, bested both Vaas and Hoyt, you’ve gunned your way all through Rook Island, bested both Vaas and Hoyt, and even earned the love of beautiful but exotic Citra. and even earned the love of beautiful but exotic Citra. Why would you want to return to the outside world Why would you want to return to the outside world when she offers you the chance to become a king?

when she offers you the chance to become a king? All you have to do is sever all ties to your old life by… All you have to do is sever all ties to your old life by… slitting your girlfriend’s throat. slitting your girlfriend’s throat.  (SLASH!)

(SLASH!)  (Liza gasps for breath)  (Liza gasps for breath)  If Jason goes through with it, then he does indeed get a hero’s welcome.  If Jason goes through with it, then he does indeed get a hero’s welcome. As Citra rocks his world, she also plunges a dagger into his chest, As Citra rocks his world, she also plunges a dagger into his chest, giving what she believes to be a noble death worthy of a warrior. giving what she believes to be a noble death worthy of a warrior.

You truly do reap what you sow, Jason. You truly do reap what you sow, Jason.  CITRA: You are a warrior. DIE a warrior.  CITRA: You are a warrior.

DIE a warrior.  NUMBER 7: The Perfect Murder — “Heavy Rain”  NUMBER 7: The Perfect Murder — “Heavy Rain”  The Origami Killer has claimed the lives of many fathers and sons.  The Origami Killer has claimed the lives of many fathers and sons. And if players aren’t quick on their feet, it’s a very real possibility And if players aren’t quick on their feet, it’s a very real possibility that he gets away with his crimes. that he gets away with his crimes. If Ethan Mars fails or refuses to take on the Origami Killer’s trials, If Ethan Mars fails or refuses to take on the Origami Killer’s trials, then it’s a very real possibility that he and his kidnapped son, Shaun, could end up dead.

then it’s a very real possibility that he and his kidnapped son, Shaun, could end up dead.  While on the hunt for the truth, FBI Agent Norman Jayden  While on the hunt for the truth, FBI Agent Norman Jayden and reporter Madison Paige encounter some truly sick individuals and reporter Madison Paige encounter some truly sick individuals who won’t hesitate to kill them in some pretty messed-up ways. who won’t hesitate to kill them in some pretty messed-up ways. Oh, well, at least you waste all the Scott Shelby levels, Oh, well, at least you waste all the Scott Shelby levels, so maybe he’ll give you a good ending? so maybe he’ll give you a good ending?

Wait, no, he’s the murderer. So, you screwed up big. Wait, no, he’s the murderer. So, you screwed up big.  SHELBY: You’re the father that I have been looking for all these years,  SHELBY: You’re the father that I have been looking for all these years, the man capable of giving his own life to save his son.

the man capable of giving his own life to save his son.  NUMBER 6: Bringing Rapture to the Surface — “Bioshock”  NUMBER 6: Bringing Rapture to the Surface — “Bioshock”  NARRATOR: And Rapture trembled.  NARRATOR: And Rapture trembled.

But in the end, even Rapture was not enough for you. But in the end, even Rapture was not enough for you.  When you’ve hunted down Big Daddies  When you’ve hunted down Big Daddies and have the likes of Andrew Ryan whispering in your ear, and have the likes of Andrew Ryan whispering in your ear, you’d be forgiven for wanting to grab as much ADAM as possible you’d be forgiven for wanting to grab as much ADAM as possible in order to defend yourself. However, in order to do so, in order to defend yourself. However, in order to do so, you have to be willing to kill the Little Sisters you have to be willing to kill the Little Sisters and also earn the disapproval of the oddly tantalizing Dr. Tannenbaum. and also earn the disapproval of the oddly tantalizing Dr. Tannenbaum.

STEINMAN: Ugly! UGLY! (fires a machine gun at you)  STEINMAN: Ugly!

UGLY! (fires a machine gun at you)  Even after you help kill Frank Fontaine, you’re so hooked on ADAM  Even after you help kill Frank Fontaine, you’re so hooked on ADAM that they mean nothing to you. that they mean nothing to you.

From there, Rapture is nothing but a stepping stone as you and plenty of Splicers From there, Rapture is nothing but a stepping stone as you and plenty of Splicers rise up from the ocean to begin an assault on the surface world. rise up from the ocean to begin an assault on the surface world.  NARRATOR: But not you. For now, you have stolen the terrible secrets of the world!  NARRATOR: But not you.

For now, you have stolen the terrible secrets of the world!  NUMBER 5: Purification — “Fallout 3”  NUMBER 5: Purification — “Fallout 3”  RON PERLMAN: And war… War never changes.  RON PERLMAN: And war… War never changes.  All throughout your journey across the Capitol Wasteland,  All throughout your journey across the Capitol Wasteland, you may have heard the occasional pre-recorded messages by one John Henry Eden, you may have heard the occasional pre-recorded messages by one John Henry Eden, a “President” who just so happens to be an artificial intelligence a “President” who just so happens to be an artificial intelligence with the voice of Malcolm McDowell.

with the voice of Malcolm McDowell.  PRESIDENT EDEN: It’s high time we met.  PRESIDENT EDEN: It’s high time we met. I’m quite pleased you were able to make it.

I’m quite pleased you were able to make it.  Despite the abundance of raiders, cannibals, warring factions, and horrific monsters,  Despite the abundance of raiders, cannibals, warring factions, and horrific monsters, this non-elect has a plan to cleanse the Wasteland. this non-elect has a plan to cleanse the Wasteland. Instead of letting loose the waters of life to restore prosperity, Instead of letting loose the waters of life to restore prosperity, Eden asks the Lone Wanderer to insert a modified version Eden asks the Lone Wanderer to insert a modified version of the Forced Evolutionary Virus into the purifier in order to kill all super-mutants. of the Forced Evolutionary Virus into the purifier in order to kill all super-mutants. While it somewhat succeeds in that respect, it also ends up While it somewhat succeeds in that respect, it also ends up poisoning the world in the process.

So…way to go. poisoning the world in the process. So…way to go.  RON PERLMAN: The Capitol Wasteland, despite its progress, became a graveyard.  RON PERLMAN: The Capitol Wasteland, despite its progress, became a graveyard.

NUMBER 4: The Beast — “InFAMOUS 2”  NUMBER 4: The Beast — “InFAMOUS 2”  JOHN WHITE: I had to pull myself back together.  JOHN WHITE: I had to pull myself back together. Do you have any idea how hard that is? Do you have any idea how hard that is?

COLE: It sounds tricky.  COLE: It sounds tricky.  After learning of the incoming threat of a creature known as “The Beast,”  After learning of the incoming threat of a creature known as “The Beast,” who wouldn’t have thought that Cole would have a lot of time who wouldn’t have thought that Cole would have a lot of time for turning into a megalomaniac?

for turning into a megalomaniac? However, as it turns out, the one way to kill The Beast However, as it turns out, the one way to kill The Beast would also lead to the death of every Conduit in the planet. would also lead to the death of every Conduit in the planet.  THE BEAST: I have control now, consciousness. Sometimes, it’s too much.

THE BEAST: I have control now, consciousness. Sometimes, it’s too much.  If your Karma has led you down the path of infamy,  If your Karma has led you down the path of infamy, then Cole decides that humanity can pretty much go screw itself. then Cole decides that humanity can pretty much go screw itself. Killing off his former friends one by one, Cole eventually takes the place of The Beast Killing off his former friends one by one, Cole eventually takes the place of The Beast and leads all Conduits in a battle for supremacy on the evolutionary ladder. and leads all Conduits in a battle for supremacy on the evolutionary ladder.

COLE: I’ve been given powers to save the world from this change…  COLE: I’ve been given powers to save the world from this change… but now I stand at its center. but now I stand at its center.  NUMBER 3: Genocide — “Undertale”  NUMBER 3: Genocide — “Undertale”  Did you perhaps fall in love  Did you perhaps fall in love with this revolutionary indie game’s cast of charming characters? with this revolutionary indie game’s cast of charming characters?

Did you build solid friendships with them that were only cemented Did you build solid friendships with them that were only cemented in a beautiful finale where everyone got their happy endings? in a beautiful finale where everyone got their happy endings? Well, now, you get to slaughter them all! Well, now, you get to slaughter them all!

Should you grind your way through killing every single monster in the underground, Should you grind your way through killing every single monster in the underground, you eventually come face-to-face with Chara. you eventually come face-to-face with Chara. In a rather surreal exchange, they offer you a chance to erase the world. In a rather surreal exchange, they offer you a chance to erase the world.  ♫ (foreboding chord, heartbeat) ♫  ♫ (foreboding chord, heartbeat) ♫  Regardless of rather you agree or not, you still end up meeting your maker,  Regardless of rather you agree or not, you still end up meeting your maker, and, in the process, permanently taint your saved file.

and, in the process, permanently taint your saved file. Meaning, if you try to get the good ending AFTER doing the Genocide run, this happens. Meaning, if you try to get the good ending AFTER doing the Genocide run, this happens.

(evil twinkle, sinister laughter)  (evil twinkle, sinister laughter)  NUMBER 2: The Fall of the Empire — “Dishonored”  NUMBER 2: The Fall of the Empire — “Dishonored”  EMILY: The others are all dead, aren’t they?  EMILY: The others are all dead, aren’t they? That’s all right; I was going to have them killed anyway. That’s all right; I was going to have them killed anyway.  Just because you’re a masked master assassin  Just because you’re a masked master assassin blessed with powers from a less-than-benevolent deity, blessed with powers from a less-than-benevolent deity, does that really give you the excuse to kill EVERYONE?! does that really give you the excuse to kill EVERYONE?!

Well, if players choose to let Corvo loose and kill his intended targets, Well, if players choose to let Corvo loose and kill his intended targets, and not care how many guardsmen or civilians lose their heads in the process, and not care how many guardsmen or civilians lose their heads in the process, then the result is that all of Dunwall is thrown into high chaos. then the result is that all of Dunwall is thrown into high chaos.  NARRATOR: What will history tell us?  NARRATOR: What will history tell us?

That the daughter of a murdered empress ascended the throne That the daughter of a murdered empress ascended the throne up a mountain of corpses, carried by an assassin named Corvo? up a mountain of corpses, carried by an assassin named Corvo?  A land of infamy and death made infinitely worse  A land of infamy and death made infinitely worse if you didn’t manage to save Emily from plunging to her death. if you didn’t manage to save Emily from plunging to her death.

Sure, revenge may be sweet, but was it really worth it in the end? Sure, revenge may be sweet, but was it really worth it in the end?  NARRATOR: It’s just as well… The Empire was dying already, completely rotten.

NARRATOR: It’s just as well… The Empire was dying already, completely rotten.  Before we reveal our Number 1 pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…  Before we reveal our Number 1 pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…  (beeping, alarm sounding)  (beeping, alarm sounding) (white noise) (white noise) (ominous rumbling) (ominous rumbling)  NUMBER 1: Darth Revan is Reborn — “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”  NUMBER 1: Darth Revan is Reborn — “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”  MALAK: A small part of me has always regretted betraying you from afar.  MALAK: A small part of me has always regretted betraying you from afar.

Wait, you mean we’re actually an all-powerful Sith Lord?  Wait, you mean we’re actually an all-powerful Sith Lord? That we can plunge the galaxy into a new era of darkness That we can plunge the galaxy into a new era of darkness while also showing Darth Malak who’s the boss? while also showing Darth Malak who’s the boss? Any friend or foe who stands in our way will be heavily crushed Any friend or foe who stands in our way will be heavily crushed by our mastery of the Force?! Heh, sign us up!

by our mastery of the Force?! Heh, sign us up!  (lightning strike)  (lightning strike)  As well as being one of the best twists in all of gaming,  As well as being one of the best twists in all of gaming, this alternate ending gives players the chance to relish their return to the Dark Side this alternate ending gives players the chance to relish their return to the Dark Side to the point where you truly feel like nothing can stand in your way. to the point where you truly feel like nothing can stand in your way.

There is no other conclusion that made us feel There is no other conclusion that made us feel that the role of villain is way more fun than playing the hero. that the role of villain is way more fun than playing the hero.  SITH FORCES: All hail Lord Revan!

SITH FORCES: All hail Lord Revan!  BASTILA: The Sith bow before you; you have reclaimed your rightful throne!  BASTILA: The Sith bow before you; you have reclaimed your rightful throne!  Do you agree with our list?


Once Upon a Time: Wil Wheaton, Amy Berg, Mike Phirman, and Chris “Doc” Wyatt on TableTop SE2E03

  • October 17, 2018

– Woohoo. WIL WHEATON: Did you know that classic fairy tales are actually more gruesome and horrible than we know them to be? They were actually designed as morality tales to terrify children into staying out of the woods, listening to their parents, and never talking to wolves. For example, in the original “Rapunzel” the handsome prince climbs her hair only to find out that she is actually an alien dragon controlled by a robot. She eats him. In the original unedited “Cinderella,” the glass slipper is actually her cousin’s face.

It is too horrible for me to describe on a family program. When these tales reached American shores, they were sanitized for a more delicate audience, though they retained their classic characters. Today on “TableTop,” Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt, Amy Berg, Mike Phirman, and I will find out what happens when a fairy tale is created in these modern times. Will it be sanitized and gentle? Or will it hew more closely to its gruesome, robot-filled, 16th-centure roots.

We will begin, as we always do, once upon a time. “Once Upon a Time” is a wonderful, cooperative, improvised storytelling game with a fairy tale theme. Players will work together building a story from a hand of cards, each containing a fairy tale element, like a crown, a kingdom, a dragon, a sword, or a witch. I may have made a robot card and put it in this deck, but you can’t prove it. The players will work together to tell a fairy tale by playing cards out of their hand and incorporating the elements on those cards into the story.

There are three ways you can become the narrator. The active narrator can pass control of the story to you. If the active narrator mentions an element you have on a card in your hand, like a dragon, you can play that card and now you are the narrator.

Finally, we have these cards called “interrupts,” which we will explain when they come up in play. This is not really a competitive game. This game is really about telling a story.

But we are all sort of working against each other in one significant way. Every one of us will have a secret ending that only we know on a card just like these. We will try to steer the story slowly toward our preferred ending.

The first player to use all the cards in their hand and bring the story to their desired conclusion is the winner. A lot of us playing this game are writers, and to paraphrase one of my very favorite writers, the story is the thing. Let’s find out what happens once upon a time. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: My name is Chris Wyatt, but everybody calls me Doc.

I am an independent film producer. I was one of the producers of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” and a few others. I’m also a freelance animation writer. MIKE PHIRMAN: My name is Mike Phirman, and I’m known for music comedy. And I’m known for being the “Phirm” half of “Hard ‘n Phirm,” which is a music company duo.

AMY BERG: I am Amy Berg. I write TV and movies and stuff. WIL WHEATON: Rules for “Once Upon a Time” state that the player who looks most like a storyteller goes first. So, how many pilots have you sold this year? MIKE PHIRMAN: That I can talk about?

None. WIL WHEATON: How many pilots have you sold this year? CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: To friends, or to actual networks? WIL WHEATON: Probably networks.

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: No, none. WIL WHEATON: OK, I have sold zero, although my show TableTop was renewed. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Congratulations. I’m glad to hear about that. WIL WHEATON: How many have you sold, Berg?

Sorry. How many pilots have you sold, Berg? Is it more than zero?

AMY BERG: It’s more than zero and less than 10. WIL WHEATON: Is it more than one? AMY BERG: Yes. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Inclusive?

WIL WHEATON: Is it more than two? AMY BERG: Possibly. WIL WHEATON: Is it three?

AMY BERG: It is three. WIL WHEATON: I knew that. MIKE PHIRMAN: Game over.

WIL WHEATON: Yay. All right, you’re going to go first then because you are the most storytellery. All right, so everyone has looked at their endings? Yes, all right.

I’m not quite sure how this is going to land here. My ending is a cautionary tale, as fairy tales so often are. You must learn the importance of choosing the proper companions. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: I’ve got an ending that involves a tyrant. It says the tyrant was destroyed and everyone was happy. Which means if I’m going to win this game, I’ve got to introduce a tyrant at some point.

MIKE PHIRMAN: My ending card was a little disappointing because it was evildoers are thrown down the well. AMY BERG: So my ending is, two people who are very much in love somehow get parted. One of them perishes, and the other one is injured in that process.

I totally got this. All right. So, gentleman, once upon a time there lived a giant named Frank.

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: I love giants. WIL WHEATON: Frank the giant. AMY BERG: Frank lived in a cave. WIL WHEATON: I love him already. AMY BERG: Yeah. Frank lived in a cave.

WIL WHEATON: Frank the Giant lived in a cave. OK. AMY BERG: And he was very, very nervous about most things, because he’s a giant and he was the only one around. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: There are no other giants?

WIL WHEATON: Is he the last of the giants? AMY BERG: He’s is last of the giants? He’s the last remaining giant. WIL WHEATON: Frank, the last of the giants, wow. AMY BERG: Which means, you know, no getting it on with you a giant girl, because, like, there’s none left. It’s just him.

So he’s very nervous that people are going to discover, possibly find where he lives. Because he’s an outcast. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Because people want to kill him. AMY BERG: I think people want him dead. I think he’s scary.

He’s different from everyone. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: If people saw him, what would he do? AMY BERG: I think I think they would challenge him verbally to a duel. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: OK. Verbal duel with a giant sounds– they kill all the other giants verbally? AMY BERG: No, they use this weaponry. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: They were fighting, I guess, the giants.

Weapons? AMY BERG: Actually, it was bigger than that. It was actually a global thermonuclear war. WIL WHEATON: Whoa. AMY BERG: And he’s the last one– MIKE PHIRMAN: Card number three is global therm– WIL WHEATON: There was a global thermonuclear war.

MIKE PHIRMAN: How many of these would survive that? AMY BERG: When you get a card that says “global thermonuclear war,” you think two things. Oh crap. And this could be really cool. The people who started the war, they were just trying to get rid of the giants.

And luckily, his– MIKE PHIRMAN: Just trying to do a typical giantocide. AMY BERG: His personal giant cave was protected with whatever material protects people from that kind of radiation. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting protects you from nuclear– WIL WHEATON: There’s no plastic sheeting in a fairy tale. AMY BERG: I think maybe aluminum foil or something like that. So he was protected, and so were the people that caused the war.

Because they live in a bubble in the village where they all live. And the people are known as the Nordic Tribe of um, um, um– WIL WHEATON: I think three ums means you’re rambling. I think three ums is a ramble.

AMY BERG: Fine. I took a card. Go. WIL WHEATON: Great.

So, Frank, the last of the giants, has a terrible secret. In this cave, he has a fire pit. And then that fire pit, of course, burns a fire. AMY BERG: Really? WIL WHEATON: However, it’s not natural fire.

AMY BERG: What? WIL WHEATON: It is a muse of fire. MIKE PHIRMAN: Fire muse. WIL WHEATON: It is a muse of fire. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: And this is the Secret? WIL WHEATON: Yes.

The muse of the fire is named Steve. Steve the fire muse and Frank the giant are in love. And their love can never be– CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Consummated.

WIL WHEATON: Consummated is a word I was trying really hard not to say. But it’s one that’s going to be there. No, it’s a word that [INAUDIBLE]. AMY BERG: It’s on tape now, buddy. If a fire muse and a giant want to get together, I say that’s a-OK. WIL WHEATON: The question is not, would I date a giant named Frank. The question is, how did I ever get over it?

Frank and Steve now live alone in this cave. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: That’s tragic. MIKE PHIRMAN: So people, they don’t know where he is, though?

WIL WHEATON: No, because it’s very far away from the bubble village where the protective people live. And every day, Frank the giant and Steve the fire muse do this thing that Mike’s going to tell us. MIKE PHIRMAN: Oh yeah. I’ve played “Once Upon a Time” every day for the last 17 years. So I should really win this game.

I’ve played it twice, maybe a handful of times. So what they do is, they will go down to the local swamp, right. Every area has a swamp. WIL WHEATON: Every cave has swamp attrition. MIKE PHIRMAN: They’re popping up everywhere. WIL WHEATON: You pay extra for that.

MIKE PHIRMAN: That’s true. So they have a pretty decent swamp. AMY BERG: Which is kind of messy, though, I would imagine, because of the war. MIKE PHIRMAN: Yeah, it’s probably a lot more red than it used to be. And giants bleed a lot.

WIL WHEATON: Yeah, full of blood. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: A fire muse isn’t threatened by the water in this swamp at all. MIKE PHIRMAN: By the way, swamp. WIL WHEATON: Glad you got that out there.

Good work. MIKE PHIRMAN: Yes, the swamp was Arugapharrrrr. WIL WHEATON: Arugapharrrr. AMY BERG: Arugapharrrr. MIKE PHIRMAN: Arugapharrrr.

AMY BERG: So, Phirman named the swamp rarrrrrr? Or something. I might have been missing a constant or a vowel. Or several. WIL WHEATON: Havarrrrr? No.

Havarrrr. Regional dialects give me a really hard time. MIKE PHIRMAN: So, the local swamp, they down there. And what they would do is, Steve the fire is actually kind of the ugly duckling of his family. Right?

AMY BERG: Hard to love, except by giants. MIKE PHIRMAN: Yeah, exactly. Because not only is Arugapharrrr a swamp, it’s actually Steve’s parent. They’re like those animals that only needs one to go forward. It’s not a sexual thing. AMY BERG: An element birthed another element?

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: The swamp gave birth to a fire muse? MIKE PHIRMAN: Exactly. WIL WHEATON: That makes sense. That’s what happens after a global thermonuclear war. MIKE PHIRMAN: Yeah, that’s totally plausible.

WIL WHEATON: So they go down there every day to visit Steve’s parents? MIKE PHIRMAN: Yeah. Or what’s left of them. Global thermonuclear war is also not good for the wetlands and living and swamp folk.

So they go down there, and it’s kind of like giant to a graveyard, going to a cemetery. So they go down there and they’re very sad. And what they do is, pass. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: They go down there to make a plan. They’re planning how they can express their love physically. Because normally the heat of Steve’s fire keeps them apart.

And that’s when it occurs tell them that if only the giant were actually a robot, made of metal with the high melting point, he could hug Steve. If only he were a robot. WIL WHEATON: Fairy tales are full of robots. All three little pigs? Robots.

Goldilocks? Robot. Red Riding Hood? Not a robot. Grandma?

Robot. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: But they need make a plan so that Frank the giant can become Frank the giant robot and express his love to Steve. Their one goal, Frank and Steve, is to also become parents and have a child together.

They don’t know exactly how that’s going to work between a giant who wants to be a robot and a fire muse. AMY BERG: In vitro? Oh wait, no. WIL WHEATON: In robo. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: So Frank needed to figure out how to become robot, or part robot, and he did that by passing to Amy Berg.

AMY BERG: Well, they didn’t do it yet, because it was actually a bone of contention between them. And they would argue relentlessly about this. And even Steve’s parents got involved.

Frankly, they didn’t want Frank to be with their son in the first place. There was another fire muse down the river they really wanted to set up Steve with. WIL WHEATON: So on this particular day when they had gone down to visit Steve’s parents and hatched the plan to convert, somehow, Frank into a robot, Steve’s parents dropped this terrible bombshell on them. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Not the actual bomb. AMY BERG: No, that already happened.

WIL WHEATON: They revealed to Steve, we just don’t think Frank is right for you. We think fire muses should be with other fire muses. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: That’s so close-minded. WIL WHEATON: It’s terribly close-minded. It’s awful. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Lone cave-dwelling giants should be allowed to marry fire muses if they choose.

Even if they’re born of different elements. WIL WHEATON: Steve and Frank responded the way that you would expect them to respond. They said, your opinion eats a dick.

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: You have a card for that? WIL WHEATON: I wish I did. And they left. They left the swamp. They said, Steve’s parents, Mr. And Mrs. Muse, we will never see you again.

Because we only need to have people who support us in our lives. And they went deep into a nearby forest and began mining the materials necessary to build the exoskeleton of the robot. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: An exoskeleton for their love. WIL WHEATON: Now, as Frank was pulling large pieces of ore from the earth, they heard a voice behind a tree, and it said something from Mike Phirman.

MIKE PHIRMAN: Oh, that’s interesting. What was it? Oh, sorry. OK, yeah. Playing with Wil is a little like playing with a vampire where, if you’re a foot away from him, he can glamour you when he starts telling his details and you forget you are supposed to be interrupting him and playing as well. So that voice said, you guys should not be here.

You guys are off limits. This mining area belongs to the kingdom. Like royalty kingdom. AMY BERG: Like, the bubble kingdom? Or is it a different kingdom?

MIKE PHIRMAN: No, like, the bubble kingdom. Which was named Djrjhjan. Djrjhjan. D-J-R-J-H-J-A-N. AMY BERG: I really hope we don’t go back to the swamp because I don’t remember that one.

WIL WHEATON: The swamp was named Arugapharrrr. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Mike’s coming up with some names that are really funny, but are really hard to remember. So when I get a chance to tell the story, I have to move to new locations because I can’t remember the names of the old locations. WIL WHEATON: I don’t know why anyone is having a problem with inventing words because, first of all, “arugapharrrr” is a word already.

MIKE PHIRMAN: Steven and Frank are like, yeah, we’re just going to be here for, like, a few minutes. We’re getting a little bit of ore. WIL WHEATON: And then we’ll be out of here. MIKE PHIRMAN: Yeah, and he’s like, oh let me guess.

You guys are making some kind of exoskeleton to down download your brain into so you guys can be together. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Like a love robot. WIL WHEATON: What? MIKE PHIRMAN: And they’re like, are you serious? You know about that? How do you– And he’s like, look, I’m the spirit of the forest.

And I’m just telling you this because I’m very wise. And I’m trying to help you guys out. Here’s what you need to do. You guys need to go to a much different place, like Kahiman or Albuquerque .

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: What are those places? MIKE PHIRMAN: Oh, those are different locations on the other side of the water. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: But what kind of locations?

MIKE PHIRMAN: Oh there are also mines, deserts, cliffs. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Do they houses at all? MIKE PHIRMAN: Oh, some of them are near villages. It’s very important that it was near a village. I can’t wait to find out why.

WIL WHEATON: What’s the name of this particular village? CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Well, the mine was near a village called Robot Town. AMY BERG: Well, sure. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Robot Village, I mean to say. Robot Village. WIL WHEATON: It aspires to be Robot Town one day.

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: One day It helps to become a city. But only if enough revenue is generated by their key industry. The key industry in Robot Village is the creation of love robot suits. AMY BERG: Of course. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: I’m really struggling at this point, because I’ve got a dead-weight card in my hand, which is “clothes.” And the main character of our story is a fire demon, fire muse, which presumably doesn’t wear clothes.

So unless one of the other players happens to randomly say, and by the way, he’s made a fire and has no clothes, I’m not really going get to play this card. So they traveled all day and they traveled all night, and they finally got to Robot Village, where they said, we want to acquire one of the love robots so we can be together. And the people of the village said, [INAUDIBLE] stuff.

AMY BERG: Well, the people in the village were shocked to see a giant, frankly. Because they had a whole war had broken out. And Frank was the last of the giants. And so now they look at Frank, and they’re like, A, we don’t have a suit big enough for you, and B, holy [BLEEP] you’re a giant.

So they were totally scared. And they, in fact, decided that the only way to– WIL WHEATON: I actually know what happened. AMY BERG: I think they chase them out of the village, Wil. WIL WHEATON: No, I think you played in aspect and I’ve got an interrupt. I will tell you exactly what happened.

The villagers were frightened by Frank’s largesse. They were confused by Steve the talking fire, they’d never seen that before. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Outrageous. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, it’s a big deal. So the villagers quickly formed a council, as they so often do, and the council said, let’s keep them here. Let’s make them part of the village.

But we’re never really going to give them a robot suit. We’ll just sort of string them along. They were making mischief. AMY BERG: That’s terrible. WIL WHEATON: They were making terrible mischief. And Frank and Steve came into this group, and they were now given a group of little companions.

There were four little dudes, little villager guys. And they were– AMY BERG: They were little dudes? WIL WHEATON: Yes. WIL WHEATON: Maybe tiny dudes?

WIL WHEATON: They were so tiny. Yep, they were so tiny. AMY BERG: And what were their names, those four dudes? AMY BERG: Deedle, Dum, Horrachman, and Dave.

MIKE PHIRMAN: Why’d you look at me? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, of course, Dave. MIKE PHIRMAN: I just remember a harrrrrr sent at me, which I think was Amy.

As a reaction to the names that I’ve put out, I think Amy was trying to harrrrr for having made her make so many sounds today. AMY BERG: But these companions, it turns out– MIKE PHIRMAN: Really, they’re not just, like, hanging around them. They’re making sure– AMY BERG: Yes they’re like spies. MIKE PHIRMAN: Tiny, tiny spies.

AMY BERG: Tiny spies are the worst. Because you never see them coming. Frank’s huge, so they’d need to be in his hand for him to hang out with them. WIL WHEATON: So what happens when he’s with these companions? Do they take him somewhere?

AMY BERG: Well, the companions are disguised as his friends. But, in fact, are secret agents from the swamp. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Swamp agents.

For the parent. WIL WHEATON: From the swamp of Arugapharrrr. They were sent by Steve’s parents to keep an eye on them.

Because although they threw their hands up and said, get the hell out of here, we don’t approve of your love. MIKE PHIRMAN: It’s Frank and Eve, not Frank and Steve. AMY BERG: That’s right. They still love their son, and they want to make sure he’s OK. So they’ve sent these four little companions, whose names you guys will remember. MIKE PHIRMAN: The four tiny companions, if I remember correctly– CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Was it Tweedle or Dum?

No, Dweedle Dum. MIKE PHIRMAN: Bilbo? CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: A series of guttural noises and Dave.

AMY BERG: And their job was to– CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: To keep them apart. Is that what you said? AMY BERG: Yeah, well, now they’re settled. They’re actually enjoying living together in peace. And they have these four companions, who they think are there for their amusement. WIL WHEATON: That’s a lot of talking without a card, Amy Berg.

That was a lot of talking without a card. CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Rambling. AMY BERG: Their goal was to chase them out of the village so they would, once again, be on the run. They wanted to create chaos in their lives. To break them up.

MIKE PHIRMAN: That’s a nasty plot by that swamp. WIL WHEATON: They are bad people, super bad people. So now, having been deceived by their new companions, the companions say to them, let’s go on a mission. Because we know that there is a great treasure that we are going to go on the hunt for. So they head out into the deepest, darkest of deep, dark forests. And they begin the hunt for the treasure.

And as they go out and find the treasure, the treasure, as it turns out, is at the bottom of a well. MIKE PHIRMAN: When Wil laid down with the well, I thought, oh, well, I clearly have a shot at this. I mean, everybody moved out of the way. I got them right there. The problem is, I still have like five cards. Basically, everybody else is going to have to stop talking for like a half hour for me to get through these things plausibly and to reach evildoers being at the bottom of this well.

WIL WHEATON: Now, this presents a problem. This presents a real problem. Because if Steve the fire muse goes into the well in an effort to pick up the treasure, he’ll be quenched. AMY BERG: Oh God. WIL WHEATON: So as he looks there, he says to Frank, Frank, you’re too much of a giant to go into this well.

AMY BERG: He’s so big. WIL WHEATON: But I can go into this well. And I can pull up the treasure for you. MIKE PHIRMAN: Who was saying this? I’m sorry.

WIL WHEATON: This is Steve, saying this to Frank, as the companion stand back like this. But he knows that if he does that, he will be forever lost. AMY BERG: Wow. WIL WHEATON: I know that this is a cooperative game. I’ve made a very big deal about how this is not about winning the game.

But it’s tabletop where I never win. I am one card away from victory, and I got them talking about companions. AMY BERG: That’s tough for Frank.

WIL WHEATON: It’s really tough for Frank. AMY BERG: Yeah, he’s super sad about that. Super duper sad. He’s like, dude, please, lover, Steve. Please, gosh, don’t do that. I mean, I will go.

I can build a deeper well. I can just sort of like, you know, go in there like, brraahh. And then create a bigger well. It’ll be fine. I can get the treasure. You don’t need to go in there.

So Frank does this. And he gets stuck. He does this and he gets stuck. And in order to save Frank, Steve has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Steve’s got to go down the well. Steve goes down the well. MIKE PHIRMAN: Where Frank is currently. AMY BERG: Yes, where Frank is. And he rescues his beloved.

Unfortunately, this– WIL WHEATON: How many cards do you have left there, Hidey? Hidey McHidehands. AMY BERG: Unfortunately, this results in his demise. WIL WHEATON: Steve dies. AMY BERG: Frank gets to the top of the well. And he’s all alone, and he’s injured, of course.

But eventually his would was healed. But his heart remained broken forever. WIL WHEATON: Wow.

AMY BERG: That’s so sad. WIL WHEATON: That’s a really sad story. AMY BERG: I mean, they blew up this entire people. And then he lost the one person that loved him. WIL WHEATON: That’s a bummer story. AMY BERG: Totally.

CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: And Frank’s got to go back to the swamp, to tell the parents. AMY BERG: Oh my god, he’s got to tell the parents. MIKE PHIRMAN: Aren’t they dead? AMY BERG: The parents? CHRIS ‘DOC’ WYATT: Did they die?

WIL WHEATON: They die in the expanded universe. AMY BERG: Harrrrr. WIL WHEATON: Amy Berg. AMY BERG: Yes. WIL WHEATON: You’ve used all your cards.

You’ve brought the story to a satisfying conclusion. You stole it away from me with one card left to go. I was there, I was on the doorstep. AMY BERG: I know. WIL WHEATON: I think I’m going to go ahead and declare you the winner of “Once Upon a Time.”

So you guys, listen. I think we worked together to tell an incredibly satisfying story. And I know this is the losers’ couch, but I feel like we’re not really losers today. MIKE PHIRMAN: All right, let’s go to the winners’– WIL WHEATON: Wait.

In that sense, we’re losers. But listen, hang out on this couch. It’s very comfortable.

I spend a lot of time here, so I know. I’m going to go downstairs and present Amy with her award. Now I would like for you to have your very own “TableTop” Certificate of Awesome.

AMY BERG: What? This is so cool. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. I’m going to fill in your information on it. So go ahead and give me your back here. Cross off “largest recursive kitchen.”

I don’t know why that’s there. And the “TableTop” story champ. Presented to Amy Berg! With an exclamation point. Let me sign it so its all official. And here you go.

AMY BERG: Suck on this. WIL WHEATON: Here, let me seal it so everyone knows it’s not fake. AMY BERG: Oh my god, it’s official now. WIL WHEATON: Make your victory speech. AMY BERG: Nice.

Well, It’s kind of what I do for a living. So, duh. WIL WHEATON: Thanks for watching. Until next time, play more games, and we’ll see you right back here on “TableTop.”

Soccer: Top 10 Premier League Betting Picks and Odds | April 12, 2018

  • October 12, 2018










Get in Some Practice

  • February 8, 2018

While veteran players may feel that they have more than enough experience, many of those who have been playing a long time will still test out their newer strategies in a practice setting before trying them in a high stakes game. For those who are just starting out, a practice game or several can make a big difference in their performance later on as they get more experienced with the games and how they operate on each of the sites they plan to play in. It is far better to learn the ropes in a sandbox game than risk blowing cash because the player didn’t understand all of the rules and features of the site.

When getting started in the world of online bingo it can seem as if the smaller rooms would be the ideal place to play because this offer less competition and a greater odds of winning, but this is not the way that all bingo strategists think. For some, the real gold is in the big rooms where there are a huge number of players and thus, a much larger jackpot. This is certainly a personal choice for players, but it should be said that the size of the room really does make a difference because if a player wants to win a huge jackpot it is almost always better to pick a large room, but if they just want to score the cash more easily then a smaller room would be smarter as a means of reaching that goal.

Choosing the right games means choosing games that have fewer players and the games with fewer players can mean waiting until the last minute to join a game. This enables you to get an accurate depiction of the number of players that are taking part in the game and therefore increases your chances of winning.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Secrets of the Game of Blackjack

  • January 23, 2018

Now these days the online casino is one of the best and most popular gambling played by the casino lovers. Blackjack is one of their first choices among the different kinds of online casino games. You will discover without any techniques within the online game like blackjack, especially by using usage of every part in the online game presented through online sources. One can find honestly hundreds of WebPages that provide priceless guidelines in addition to techniques to create cash through trying to play blackjack. There are lots of online sources wherever you can perform online also.

One can find radical details about several successful techniques needed for blackjack, through going to these kinds of online sources. These kinds of complete dark-colored jack online sources will let you within betting techniques, empowering to beat those odds. Employing these tips, you can succeed cash even within true to life casinos, in addition to on-line casinos. You can run into several techniques, especially by using techniques that they are used in addition to offers like blackjack card counting that could end up being found on-line.

Most are selecting trying to play blackjack online a lot more exciting compared to true to life casinos. First matter it really is far more convenient to learn the experience on-line, wherever you can simultaneously endure that guidelines, turn out to be trying to play the experience. Almost all tips for success can be purchased for nothing about these kinds of online sources. They will offer you a strategy to have fun in addition to make money in the good deal. This specific belongs to the key causes of its growing popularity.
Blackjack is often an online game connected with uncomplicated regulations which takes occasion to understand.

There are lots of precise formulation in addition to regulations connected with possibility involved hanging around. Another thing with regards to blackjack is actually that a lot of end result depends upon those players’ abilities in addition to practical knowledge. A lot more experienced any player is actually, better it is likely connected with successful. Good preparation in addition to at the least that essential knowledge of precise formulation and also the regulations connected with possibility grow your odds connected with successful proportionately.

Six Secrets to Success in Online Gaming

  • October 10, 2017

It is difficult to become an ace online casino player as one has to compete with the cunning and shrewd sports-picksrobots. But as the saying goes “where there is a will, there is a way”. With little bit of hard work and perseverance, anyone can become a good online casino player. One only has to learn the secret strategies and techniques of how to defeat the non human player. Follow the six simple basic steps of gaming, and defeat will be next to impossible.

The first step to success is research. Before turning into an online casino freak, it is better to do some research work and find out what games are being played online. There are several online forums where players blog and share their experiences. They also spill several tricky techniques and methods of winning a game. Visit these sites often and always try to visit sites which are popular and where there are handful numbers of information available.

Secondly, there are several online video sites. Do not forget to visit these sites before playing the big match. From these videos one can learn lot of news tactics and hidden tips which usually no one prefers to share. Watch the games with full attention.

Thirdly, hire a coach or a mentor. You surely have to shell out some money, but it definitely will be worth spending. There is no better way to learn casino games than someone teaching you about the finer details of the game.

Fourthly, books are also a good option for learning the strategies of casino games. One can always refer to the book while playing. Books written by top notch casino players are easily available in the market.

Fifth, play tournaments as many numbers of times possible. Do not get disheartened if you lose in the beginning, it is only a part of the learning process.

Sixth and the last secret which is also the most important of them all, practice. Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice the more you know about the game, the more are your winning chances.

If one pays heed to these six secrets, he is sure to become the next best casino player in town.

Advice for Gambling Online

  • August 24, 2017

Nothing in the world can give one more pleasure than earning in millions sitting at home. Online casinos provide you with this luxury. One can sit at home, relax, enjoy and increase bank the balance. It is for this reason that more and more people are getting attracted to this new form of gaming. The insatiable hunger for money has lead to mushroom growth of blackjack all over the world. Not only in Vegas and California, gambling has made an indomitable place of its own even on the internet.

On many occasions online casino games turn out to be fraud, cheating away with all the money. Therefore, before starting a game it is essential to investigate the authenticity of the website. One can trust the website by checking the number of years the website has been in operation. The older the website, stronger is its credibility. One should also read the reviews available before choosing the game. It helps one to understand the bonus and royalties the game provides and whether the game is worth playing.

There are more than four hundred games that can be played online. Some common games are blackjack, poker, slots, bingo, keno and many more. The top five favorites according to a poll are “Pure Platinum”, “Tomb Raider”, “Burning Desire”, “Avalon”, “Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold.” These games are undoubtedly very interesting and cashes can flow into the pockets if played from a safe online website.

One should always plays these games judiciously or else it can take a heavy toll in one’s life. People are more prone to getting addicted to the online games than the traditional gambling. It puts not only the bank balance but also one’s family life in danger. Online casino games have been responsible for an increase in death rates and suicidal cases. Thus, even though people are aware of its deadly nature they cannot resist from revisiting the sites again and again.

Why should you buy Clay Poker Chips?

Clay Poker Chips will highlight your class and solemn intent, you’re proficient approach to gambling. Clay Poker Chips are elite and plush. There are a large number of guilds or set of people who share similar hobbies. Clay poker chips are to a poker player is what an A-grade car would mean to a car enthusiast. Poker gamblers are convinced that clay poker chips are an apparatus of closing in on success and making the game more comfortable.

Clay poker chips have a charisma regarding them. A clay poker chip set possesses certain luminosity. Chips appear to emit glow, and players get caught in their charm, their enigma and their aristocracy. Poker players tend to employ their best strategies possible when they have those poker chips at their disposal. The precise reason for this fascination to use poker chips of clay even at home is not ascertainable but that it gives a real casino feels certainly has something to do with the craze. Clay poker chips are suave and provide aptitude and confidence to a poker player.

There is a reputation of clay poker chips across the globe and that is not without reason. The real clay poker chips are distinguished to be the finest poker chips obtainable from the market. It is not at all surprising that the top houses have their personal clay poker chips that vary in shade, denomination and their very textures. The casino poker chips are exclusive and reliable for every home that hosts a game of poker or at least intends to do so. Each nation has its own currency and each abode has its own characteristics.  Clay poker chips are often referred to as euro or US dollar in the gambling industry and amongst those associated with it.


Advice on Roulette Gambling

  • June 30, 2017

Net casino provides gamers in addition to vast phases involving video clip video games and stay roulette is certainly 1 amongst all of them. Subsequent a handful of simple suggestions may increase your possibilities of winning the game. A few of these recommendations consist of points like

  • Examine numerous helpful that offer you in fact using outstanding data upon reside roulette. Stick with the tips of your authorities as well as stick to the ideas presented via absolutely free on the net net pages. These are a lot of to make certain which you basically generate the game.
  • Pick the right kitchen table furthermore represents an vital portion inside rewarding the activity.
  • When bet, supply first vital to ranges, amounts, reds, blacks too as columns. In addition attempt to bear in mind to not wager on selected figures or quadriceps.
  • Should you be a newbie, start out actively playing together with artificial hard cash instead of genuine hard cash. Designs you’ve very very good thought regarding the sport as well as after you’re generally assured following that commences actively playing using the help of real earnings.
  • Usually finish up being ready together with clean tactics, tactics as well as techniques.
  • Plan systematically and play accordingly. When playing Roulette, make an effort to modify a person’s gambles on the typical basis since it will dual your own chances of productive the game.
  • In case you are not really capable to achieve, do not be irritated. Carry out on your own mistakes as well as attempt to reinforce them. As these types of will allow you to in profitable the activity the following period of time.

The over are often numerous in the tips that ought to enable you in winning the sport of Roulette.

Bingo is truly a game regarding lottery system as well as practically all of your men and women come to feel that can it really is the activity of possibility not to mention lady luck. It genuinely is fairly basic to expertise the activity and never ever distinctive abilities in addition to methods are really important. The specific gamers ought to make the certain numbers to the cards offered for your prospective customers together with types many individuals complete a person structure; they could be telephone getting to be bingo. Although, this distinctive audio little uninteresting even so it’s the sport of pleasant with each other with exhilaration. We have acquired many varieties too as variations connected with bingo game.

  • British product within the activity supplies three rows and 90 figures, acquiring five numbers in each and every row. Once the player completes a single, two or three lines, consequently he’s bingo.
  • An additional design connected with bingo activity may possibly be eighty assortment variations, with 4×4 variety grids which have various probable designs.
  • Seventy five range versions is often performed upon card which has 5×5 array grids and consists of only one correspondence through the phrase BINGO via each column.
  • Along together with various variations with the game we even have different patterns connected with bingo video game titles. A lot in the on-line bingo web pages have obtained a lot a lot more than 300 different patterns.

The real previously pointed out are generally a lot of the distinct types relating to on-line bingo video clip video games.

Winning in the Casinos Facts

  • June 16, 2017

Casinos have always been the favorite place for all the gamble lovers. The electrifying sports-picks ambience cannot be enjoyed while gambling online. It is for this reason Vegas continues to retain its position as the most popular gambling destination of the world. People from all over the world gather here to have fun and gamble.

Winning in the casinos is not a matter of joke. It takes a lot of intelligence, patience and tinge of luck to beat the casino house. One should keep in mind that the house always has an edge over the players. But that does not make it impossible for the players to win a game. In every casino, there are two types of games – one, which requires skills and the other, which is purely based on one’s luck. If one is not skillful enough, he can always opt for games based on chances such as the Roulette and the Slots. Skilled players can go for Poker, Blackjack.  There are certain strategies which one should follow in order to win in the casino.

Firstly, every game in the casino has different winning probability percentage. Before playing, one should always be aware of these percentages and then chose the right game.

Second, one should never choose a game he is not expert at. It automatically diminishes his chances of winning.

Blackjack is a game which requires a player to play in a very intelligent manner in order to win. It is one of the most popular games in the casino and in several situations the player may find himself in an advantageous position than the house. The player should remember to bring about variations in order to win. There are several strategy charts for blackjack, which are available online. Players can always refer to these charts before the game starts. Poker is another favorite of the gamblers. The biggest advantage of playing poker is that the player will not be playing against the house but an opponent team. Poker too is not an easy game to play and in order to gamble one should master all the tricks and techniques before playing the big match. If played wisely no game is impossible to win.


Casino has an unbelievable craze in people

  • May 24, 2017

It truly is a nicely recognized fact the craze in the individuals for enjoying casino is unbelievable. This is just because that a person can win plenty of cash by actively playing methods and setting up methods while actively playing game. Should you do not have any methods and don’t know how you can use techniques, then you’d need to experience defeats within this certain game. You’ll find millions of individuals who do lose their money daily but still are interested to play casino as it’s the only game that will generate you numerous cash.

In this particular particular game, casino chips are employed rather than money where income is exchanged for casino chips. These casino chips are made up of clay and also by utilizing unique type of materials. They are a ought to even though enjoying casino when you does not need to put your funds straight. There are a number of casino houses which hosts the number of casino game titles where you can earn hundreds of thousands.

It really is estimated that the turnover of this fantastic game have crossed the mark of $ 90 billion as men and women are crazy about this game. This demonstrates that casino is the craziest game within this planet. Consequently, in case you wish to play this game, the first factor you will need to know will be the tactics and techniques of this game and you should have pocketful of income.

The most beneficial way to qualify yourself in a casino is to get casino bonuses and to obtain bonuses go via the internet and discover out a few of the interesting casino video games and the way to get the desired bonuses.
• To get to understand more about casino game titles and bonuses go via web search and locate out the details as the net gives you finest offer and it is simple to play and get very good perks.
• There are different varieties of casino bonuses that the net is supplying you like deposit bonus, slot bonuses, high roller bonuses, new indicator up bonuses, and blackjack and so forth.
• Most men and women really feel gambling and enjoying cards is about dropping money but you can find people who have earned a great deal with these games only and it is reliable if you play by way of on the web.
• But to know a lot more in regards to the genuine casino websites go through net research and uncover the authenticity from the web site as well as the offers it really is supplying and then go for it.
• As you play game titles on-line they provide you bonuses while you go on winning and you are able to withdraw your cash in various types, possibly they may deliver you the money within your account or by money right after meeting the requirement.
• Before generating any selection of actively playing you need to understand the gaming system and also the betting they are supplying after which produce a choice of playing.
It is usually much better to realize the game 1st before making any choice of actively playing it blindly, in the event you desire to gain bonus from this game.

Crafting the Décor of a Home Casino

  • April 5, 2017

Creating your own homemade casino decorations is less hard than you think. The top casino embellishments are those which deposit everybody in a festive mood, making them feel like they are actually in a casino town. Set aside a small area to act as your work studio before making the decorations which should have plentiful supplies of paper, pens, markers, paint, poster board, tape, glitter, glue, balloons, ribbons, streamers, elderly magazines & any miscellaneous items that can add to the casino theme. Pick a color system that is dull & smoky.

Transform your space into a casino-themed bash with photos & graphics. If you are not a great artist or need to save time, use a clip art program to print out items such as stars, fake dollar bills, horseshoes, playing cards, dice, slot machines, poker chips & roulette wheels. Generate name tags by writing guests’ names using glitter & glue on playing cards. That way everyone has his own themed name tag. Decorate your walls, hallways & entryway with casino-themed signs & posters. Come up with a name for your casino & print out the letters. Punch a small hole through the top of each letter, put string or ribbon through it & basically hang. Generate a poster for all of the games guests can play. Put up a sturdy piece of cardboard that is in the shape of a token for guests to sign when they arrive.

Lay out a couple of plants & attach playing cards to each of the leaves. Transform a table in to a slot machine, roulette wheel or pinball machine with a white plastic tablecloth or poster board. Serve food that compliments the theme Party favors can do double duty as decorations; give keepsakes like dice, a deck of cards & poker chips.

The true excitement takes place when you play a part in a roulette that is conducted by a live dealer. You do not need to depend on arbitrarily generated numbers for the reason that you can purely observe the real croupier or the dealer twirl the wheel. At the moment in attendance is a stunning looking girl who can absolutely mesmerize you at the same time as organizing the game of live roulette on the internet. Given that the numbers are indisputable, you can be guaranteed of the trustworthiness of the outcomes. With a live dealer of roulette on the monitor, the game looks as if it were played within a real setting of casino.

Roulette is a hot favorite at all land based casinos everywhere in the globe and it is one of the most marvelous games being patronized by a massive assemblage of people. However, you may not enjoy going to a land based casino every time you be in the mood for playing roulette because traveling to the venue and getting hold of your place at the place are both tedious tasks.

Land based casinos are murky quarters wherein one must put on a swanky fitting outfit unlike an online casino. It is this hassle that makes many players turn to the coziness of playing from home and be subjected to the realistic action. Because you can essentially see the realistic action for instance a true wheel spinning and the live dealer, it is unlikely you would wish to leave your room. This incredible excitement lures a lot of people from diverse parts of the globe to play live dealer roulette, rather than going to a land casino. Payouts are genuine and the result is simply reliable; hence, someone can be more secure with live dealer roulette than a land based casino.