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  • August 18, 2019

Wha-Wha-Wha wha-wha-wha how you doing that with the magic of choice, all right so over the past year, or so, my keyboard collection has grown a little bit and just as with gaming mice, I keep everything that I like, not just in storage, but actually use them in Rotation now I realized my privilege of, like you know, going through so many gaming peripherals, but doing videos on those of course gives me access to everything like that, and so today I want to share my three favorite tkl keyboards, that you could potentially use in your Gaming space office space or just for casual use, and so, if you’re, urging for a tkl upgrade for your keyboard, make sure check out description. Everything is listed. There welcome the entire H series from NZXT one of the most elegant case lineups with the premium construction. You’Ll appreciate and the little details like purple USB ports, perforate shroud floor and the iconic cable cover.

We’Ve got an ITX option: the H 200, your standard ATX mid tower at age 500 and the big guns, the H 700, all available with a smart device for RGB illumination and fan control, or the standard variations with a smart interior to complement an easy assembly. The H series has Hardware connects approved and is something for everyone to check. So here the are my three favorite tkl keyboards, the G Pro from Logitech. It’S by far my most used one here, it’s been on my desk since launch the mastdrop ctrl is one of the more premium and customizable boards that I have with a fantastic color scheme and a gorgeous illumination, and the most recent edition is the Tesoro gram spectrum Tkl for its low profile, nature and a little variation of the mechanical switches form factor wise.

They all share the same tenkeyless design without the number pad on the side, but they all have their unique characteristics. So, for example, the gram spectrum TKL has that low profile frame and the key caps, the angular front section, helps to further minimize the footprint. While the keys on the G Pro are slightly submerged into the frame with the larger forehead above the top row and a totally floating key cap design on the control keyboard with an elegant, symmetrical slab of aluminum for the mainframe all feature a removable, cable centered. On the G Pro right side on the gram, tkl and dual sided: type-c port on the control keyboard for extra routing flexibility, and that a new sport can be used for additional type-c accessories, which is pretty cool. They all have some four of RGB elimination that is handled quite differently.

For example, a G Pro keyboard has the Logitech’s own romer switches with a centered led to illuminate the transparent section of the keys evenly without any spill below the keys, and I love this look. You can do all kind of effects and perky color customization to the Graham spectrum. Tkl uses two source, agile switches with the transparent base and therefore gives that cool under glow effect for the entire keyboard and has an even better light spill on the white frame. We have multiple color effects and per key color customization as well. The control keyboard can be picked up with multiple mechanical switches, so I have the halo, clear switches and because they’re exposed at the bottom that the illumination effect is pretty strong. Plus we get an additional LED strip around the bottom of the frame to cast some more color on the surface.

It is definitely one of the prettiest keyboards. I have in my collection, especially with that two-tone gray color scheme on the keycap layout, but I will say that the uniformity could be slightly better as individual LEDs on a light bar are clearly visible and, as usual, multiple color effects have built in with per key Color selection available and so all three keywords are slightly different and will attract a particular type of user. So, for example, the control keyboard from massdrop, it’s more targeted for enthusiasts, given this price point and also not full time availability. But we have full customization with qmk firmware where you can assign all types of commands and create layers of key customization, and even these switches are hot swappable. For those wanting to experiment to create your like perfect feeling, keyboard and assign multiple switches throughout the entire board. Without soldering, anything which is pretty awesome, the key caps are also high-quality, double shot BBT with an interesting grainy texture and also the cleanest font, especially compared to the other two keyboards.

Now my gaming keyboard choice, of course, has to be the g pro from large tag. It’S a tough little board that has seen a lot of action, and my primary purpose of using this for games are the romer g switches and while I really like the insane variety of em extra options, the Romer G is just such an awesome. Combination of a quiet switch with a slight tactile point that I’m extremely comfortable with they are kind of similar to MX browns, but I still prefer the romaji.

And lastly, if I want to switch things up a bit for a more minimalist look, I take out the Tesoro gram spectrum tkl and I kind of wish I had the white edition of this keyboard that can blend a bit more with My Space, but the low Profile, nature is pretty unique, plus the linear red, agile switches feel smooth and awesome for typing, as the actuation point is slightly shorter at 1.5, millimeters and they’re also pretty light at 45 grams and they’re, also pretty quiet too. So there you have it my three favorite tkl keyboards. In a nutshell, if you’re thinking of picking one up, everything will be listed in description below, and I realized my privilege of having these three models on hand and picking and choosing whichever I feel like of using in that particular day. If I had to choose one, I would probably stick with the G Pro by Logitech. It really comes down to three factors. The romaji switches are awesome, they’re, simple, minimalist design, plus pretty decent RGB illumination that isn’t too out there, but still allows for a little bit of fun.

I will never try to like color match my peripherals. Now. I’Ve had this keyboard for almost two years, and I read online based on long-term customer views of two years, plus that some keys stop working and the main comment for many users is the LED burning out on certain keys, not displaying any more color so giving you Half two years warranty that’s unfortunate, but I haven’t had any issues since that the soraa would be my second choice simply because the price is good. I love the low profile design. I don’t really care about the key switches.

You know they’ve had bad reputation in the past, but since the agile switches, I think are pretty decent feels very nice and I switch mallets as well when they need to do some typing. I love typing on the agile red switches and then the control keyboard. That’S a particular one, that’s so premium and I love the the switches. I love everything about it: delighting in the build quality, the the heaviness of the switch, the customization everything about it, but it’s not easy to get a hold of, because it’s on mass drops which are not always present, and so that would be my third choice, but Still, it’s a really awesome free keyboard for enthusiasts.

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